31 October 2013

Having fun at Wylie Park in Aberdeen

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(The content of this post happened on 7 Sept, 2013 CDT)

Barb work at a company called South Dakota Wheat Growers, it is a company about farming in South Dakota. The company had an internship program meeting in Aberdeen Wylie Park on weekend, and Barb took JJ and me together with her because Wylie Park is a amusement park which as some fun stuff such as kart racing.

Kart racing

We met Tommy, Styles and Tommy's dad at Wylie Park. We played many interesting rides. I love kart racing very much, and I played it many times. I was afraid of don't know how to drive at the first time, but it was kinda easy, there are only four control; accelerator, brake, left and right. Driving kart is very exciting, because we have to try to get ahead of others, but we also have to be careful of getting hit by others at the same time. Since I never drive before, whether a real car or a kart like this, I enjoy it very much. Driving on the road, and feel the "speed" was really cool, people here may not think this ride is interesting, because they can drive in 14 years old, but I can only drive when I am 21.

Kart racing with Barb and Styles :)

After racing karts, we then went to the other ride which had many small boats, and we can attack others with water. I do not actually know what is this ride called, but I am sure I do not like it. It made my whole body wet. The kids just keep attacking me! It feels cold.

JJ was wet, too

But after playing this stupid boat game, we went a activity that I like it very much, bicycling. I choose a special bike that I have never ride before, it had a wheel, and I could almost lie down. It was pretty comfortable. We rode around the park, the scenery were beautiful, there has a lake and some lawns, I really like it.

We then went to have lunch. It was a buffet in the auditorium, we had hot dog, brownie and some more delicious food. After lunch, we went jumping. Since I was jumping on the spring beds and the ropes on my body, I could jump really high, that was fun!

I was jumping

The last place we went was the Storybook Land. It is a small amusement park for kids, of course, Styles loves it very much. We took some rides and the little train. They were all pretty fun, especially little train. Because we can watch the scenery of the park and take a nap on the train, how nice!

That day was really fun, and I really enjoy with it.


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