23 March 2014

2 Days Camping Trip on Palomar Mountain SP

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The 11th of March is Brennan's birthday, to fulfill one of his his wishes, we decided to go on a camping trip this this weekend. The campsite we were going is Palomar Mountain State Park which is about 5000 feet high above sea level, it would be really cold up there, so I packed my "Coat for South Dakota" with me. I guess this was the only time I really use this coat after moving to California. Since Elisa might be too young to go, only Jason, boys and one of the friend of Brennan called Ethan R. (and his dad as well) are going. I leaves school earlier than usual because we wanted to get there before the sun goes down. After a quick run home to take my coat and clothes, we started heading to Palomar Mountain State Park. Driving from home to Palomar Mountain takes about one and half hour, we took two trucks and uses walkie talkie to communicate.

Our campground.

09 March 2014

See Where I Went and Had Fun These Weekends

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Karen and Jason will take boys and me to different places almost every weekends. 2 weeks ago, we went hiking in San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve; and we went watching the Lego Movie last week. But since these are not really big "events", I didn't write post for them. It is very beautiful in San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve, it is a town nears the ocean, so hiking there are very makes me feel very comfortable, and the view was really good, too. The Lego movie was cute and funny, but I don't think I "love" it since I felt sick watching those tiny little Lego-made people all the time.

At San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

Bought a Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

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Again, I got something awesome on eBay again. I really love eBay, because I can always get something I want with a really good price on it. Meanwhile, I also really hate eBay since eBay charges me total 15 bucks for selling an $100 Target Gift Card. well, it's another story, but NEVER SELL THINGS ON EBAY!

This time, I got a Jawbone Jambox Wireless Protable Bluetooth Speaker on eBay.

First Time Experiencing Broomball On Ice

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Last Friday, Jason brought boys and me to Escondido Ice-plex to join the annual Family Broomball Night. Since it only holds one time a year, we cannot miss it! Broomball is a recreational ice game originating in Canada and played around the world. It is played in a hockey rink, and broomball's game rules are also just like ice hockey rule, but it is way easier than hockey, and we can just wear sneakers playing it instead of wearing ice skates.

Having fun playing broomball!

08 March 2014

Night at the Museum - "Wild About the Arts"

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Since Del Norte High School has the trimester system, this week is our final exam week. All the classes I take have final but yearbook class, yeah, even art classes have final! The final of art classes is called Night @ The Museum (N@TM). It is not really an "exam", but a art exhibition that was held on Wednesday and everyone including parents are welcome to come, all students who attend art classes have to display at least on of their work in the exhibition. Since I am in 3D Animation class, I also have to be participated the N@TM exhibition. I invited my host family to come with me, so they can not only see what I made and learned in 3D Animation class, but also take a look of the campus of my school and see some other high school student's art works.