09 March 2014

Bought a Jawbone Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

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Again, I got something awesome on eBay again. I really love eBay, because I can always get something I want with a really good price on it. Meanwhile, I also really hate eBay since eBay charges me total 15 bucks for selling an $100 Target Gift Card. well, it's another story, but NEVER SELL THINGS ON EBAY!

This time, I got a Jawbone Jambox Wireless Protable Bluetooth Speaker on eBay.

During these 7 months in America, I already got few nice things on eBay with a really good price, such as Grand Theft Auto 5 Blueprint Map for $6, Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad for $6, and Logitech Touch Mouse for only $15. Sometimes it's just hard to believe that I got these really nice gadgets for such a good price, the real reason why I can get them for such an awesome price was actually because I used some "trick" while bidding, in another way, I am smart enough! Instead of just entering the price I want the item to be, I always wait till the last minute before the bidding activity end, and insert the price I really want and be the "high bidder". After doing that, I won the item most of the time since after I entered the price I want and be the "high bidder", there were no more time for other people to bid! Haha! It will only happens on eBay, however, there is no eBay in Taiwan...

The Logitech Touch Mouse

Last week, I bought (won) something really cool on eBay again, and it arrived last Friday. It is a Jawbone Jambox Wireless Protable Bluetooth Speaker. The reason why I bought this was because one of my classmates brought his Jambox to class one time, and I was amazed since the bass is really powerful and the sound is clear in this small protable speaker, and it is connected to devices through Bluetooth wirelessly, so I thought if I bought one, I would finally be able to listen to music without earphone!

The item arrived San Diego in just 2 days after the seller shipped it from New York, It was really quick! Since I was really amazed how fast it arrive, I posted a status on Facebook: So this is what happend. I had them to ship it from Rochester, New York to my house which is in San Diego, California. They uses USPS Priority Mail 2-Day with a tracking number and shipped it at 6:30 PM on March 5th. Since I thought it's impossible for a mail from East coast to West coast to arrive in 2 days, I didn't expect them to do so. But guess what, I checked the tracking number this morning, and the mail was already in San Diego! Just about 30 hours after shipped (3:00 March 7th)! I know Priority mail only uses ground shipping method, so how did they do that? I am so confused!!

Shipping this package from NY to CA only took 2 days, can't believe!

Okay, finally, it arrived! The seller says this item is new, but there are lots of scratches on the outer box. The good thing is, it doesn't effect the actual speaker and other accessories, so I think it's fine. Well, the sele price was 150 bucks, but I got it for 60 bucks, some scratches on the box will definitely be fine! The one I got is dark-purple-colored, it has very nice-looking (it is one of the design award winners). I was a bit disappointed when the first time tasting this speaker since the bass was not that powerful like my classmate's, but after updating the software of this speaker online, it is much better! Jambox is a smart speaker, we can upgrade system and add additional features online, and we can also choose the voice of speaker while it is speaking (it speaks when it is being turned on, have incoming call, battery life etc.). I chose the "hero" theme, it is just funny when it is speaking. Since Jambox is a protable speaker, we can take it out without connected to power, it has really good battery life. And it can make really loud sound as well, you just can't believe a tiny speaker can be so good!

Yeah! My Jambox finally came!


Instead of Bluetooth, Jambox can also be connected through 3.5mm stereo cable.

The case for Jambox

Ha! I love shopping on eBay! XD


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