28 November 2013

Last Day in Ipswich High School

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Since my host mom, Barb, works very long time, and my only roommate, JJ, went to school to play sports every night, I am boring and at home along most of the time. And most of the time I also have to make supper myself, but I am not good at making foods, so I consider to change a host family. Two and half months ago, I asked my agency for help, and I got an notice these days that my host family would be in San Diego, California. They are my dad's host family's daughter, my dad was studying in USA 20 years ago, too. My dad's host dad, Paul, is very nice. He know that I do not have new host family to go now, so he asked his daughter, Karen, and she said that I can stay at their house. It is so unbelievable that 20 years later, I am going to stay at the same host family with my dad!

The surprise party on my digital photography class. 

23 November 2013

Visiting the elevator where Barb works

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Wow. It has been few weeks that I did not post. There was nothing special that worth to post these day, but today, after the home visiting with my local representative, Heidi, Barb took JJ and me to the places she works. The company that Barb works is called "South Dakota Wheat Growers", it has many locations, Barb works at the one in Roscoe. Roscoe is a town that is 15 miles west from Ipswich, it has only 300 people. The view was very beautiful on the drive to Roscoe, I even saw lots of birds flying home!

Barb and me were on the top of the elevator.

17 November 2013

Photos of My Daily Life in School So Far

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It has been almost 3 months since the school started, but I never shared my daily life in school except homecoming week. Actually, the school here is very different from the school in Taiwan. Like the school activities and the school lunch, and the relationship between teachers and students, we are just like friends.

Government class~

14 November 2013

Making supper with JJ ourself

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Barb works very long time this season, sometime she even came home at 12 o'clock. Because of this, JJ and me have to make supper our-self most of the time. Two weeks before, we ate microwave food most of the time, but now, we find some ways that we can eat healthier. Such as making egg, pizza and Korean pancake.

Making the Korean pancake

11 November 2013

Veterans Day & Some more photos around Ipswich

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One of the photos around Ipswich.

Before sharing photos around Ipswich, I want to share some photos about the activity in school today. Since today was 11 Nov, 2013, it was the Veterans Day in America. According to Wikipedia, Veterans Day is an official United States holiday that honors people who have served in armed service, also known as veterans. All school students, include middle and elementary school students, all gathered in the gym this afternoon and listened to a speech. Today was pretty special to me, because we do not celebrate Veterans Day in Taiwan.

08 November 2013

Cool photos that I took for photography class

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My second hour class, digital photography class, is one of my favorite class. We took many photos and edit them. I always got good grades on this class, because I love taking pictures, and because of this, my teacher, Mrs. Shimitz chose to attend Northern State University Workshop & Art Exhibition. Today, I am going to share some of the photos that I took and edited for the digital photographic class in the past two months. Please notice, all photos had only been edited on Google+ Photos and ipiccy.com, although I have professional softwares such as Photoshop, but I did not use them. And all pictures were taken with HTC J smartphone camera, even a cellphone's camera could be awesome! By the way, "HTC" is a creative brand that comes from Taiwan!

One of the photos - ONLY edited on Google+!

07 November 2013

Going Bowling With Schoolmates

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(The content of this post happened on 8 Oct, 2013 CDT)

Since Barb have to work very long most of the time, JJ and I have no many things to do after school. Also, there are no many place to go in Ipswich, the only way to go watch movies or do something else is to go out with schoolmates who can drive. So I asked some on my schoolmates to go out with me, one of my schoolmate, Mike, said he could take me and some more people to go bowling in Aberdeen. That was pretty nice because I never played blowing before, this was my first experience. Actually, this was my second time went out with Mike, we went watching movie last time with Hanna and Claudia.

My first time playing bowling

06 November 2013

Random Pictures - Month 1~2

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It have been almost a month since I posted my first post of this blog on October 12th, 2013, and there are total 23 post so far, which means I post almost everyday, isn't that nice? I tried to spent some time to write post everyday, but since sometime I did not have that much time, I had some day did not post. And because my English skill is not very good, sometimes English grammar in my post might be wrong, but I am here to learn, I believe the incorrect grammar will be less and less.

I posted most of the post with many pictures and words. Sometimes, when small interesting things happened, I captured that moment,  but I might not be able to write that many words with a single photo. So now, I am going to share those "small interesting things" photos that I took in the past two months. Enjoy~

A dad and his son - in Minneapolis airport

05 November 2013

Participating NSU Workshop & Art Exhibition

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Today was such a special and happy day, because I went to the Northern State University in Aberdeen and did not go to school. About two weeks before, my digital photography teacher, Mrs. Shimitz, asked me to join the Northern State University Workshop & Art Exhibition. She said NSU (Northern State University) have this activity every year, and it is for all high school students. We can submit our artwork, it can be any type of art, like water paint or digital photo. NSU will exhibit them in their art department, and choose 3 best arts on the final day.

My artwork in the exhibition

03 November 2013

The Homecoming Week

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(The content of this post happened on 13 Sept, 2013 CDT)

One of the most important activity in America's high school each year, is Homecoming. According to Wikipedia, homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school, it includes activities such as sports, culture events, and a parade through the streets of the town. Of course, Ipswich High School have homecoming, too. We have a whole "homecoming week", during this week, we have activities in SRP hour (after lunch) everyday, and all-day activity on Friday.

Exchange students on the float of homecoming parade

02 November 2013

Experience of America's Chinese Restaurant

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 (The content of this post happened on 22 Sept, 2013 CDT)

September 22, I have been here for a month and some more days. Today, we went Aberdeen to bought some groceries, then, we have lunch in Aberdeen. But lunch today was special, because it was Chinese food! I had been two months did not eat Chinese food, so I was pretty excited. There are 3 Chinese restaurant in Aberdeen, we went to the one which is on Main Street. It is a buffet restaurant, we can choose what whatever we want.

It's Chinese restaurant!