26 May 2014

Boogie Boarding at Cardiff Beach

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Since Monday, May 26th is Memorial day in America, we got a day off of school, which means we got all three-day weekend. On Sunday, we decided to go to the beach because the weather was really hot. This time, we're not just "going to the beach", we were going to be playing in the water, as well as to relax on the beach. the beach we went this time was the Cardiff Beach, which is north from us, we were actually there (near there) a few month ago but the weather was pretty cold back then, this is the first time we go into water.

(Cover photo) At Cardiff Beach.

24 May 2014

Physics Class Trip at Knott's Berry Farm

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Every year, students of Del Norte High School’s Physics 2 class will have a chance to visit the amusement park, Knott's Berry Farm, as a physics class trip. Luckily, I am one of the students this year, and of course, I got to visit Knott's Berry Farm! The main reason of the visit is to "learn physics", yeah, "learn physics". Believe or not, we actually have to do worksheets after visiting, we have to calculate things related to physics of the ride, such as the velocity and acceleration of the roller coaster. But I still had lots of fun anyway.

One of the rides in Knott's Berry Farm: Xcellerator.

12 May 2014

Watching a Real MLB Baseball Game

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Time files. Unbelievably, it’s May already. In just about a month, my family are coming to visit and I am going back to my country, Taiwan. Since I don't have much time left in here, my host family wants to take me to as many cool places as possible. This weekend, we went watching a baseball game in San Diego Petco Baseball stadium, it was a real baseball game! I was very excited because I ever been to a real stadium to watch any kind of sport games.

Beautiful view in the stadium!