26 May 2014

Boogie Boarding at Cardiff Beach

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Since Monday, May 26th is Memorial day in America, we got a day off of school, which means we got all three-day weekend. On Sunday, we decided to go to the beach because the weather was really hot. This time, we're not just "going to the beach", we were going to be playing in the water, as well as to relax on the beach. the beach we went this time was the Cardiff Beach, which is north from us, we were actually there (near there) a few month ago but the weather was pretty cold back then, this is the first time we go into water.

(Cover photo) At Cardiff Beach.
We started heading there at 1:30 in the afternoon, I think this is the best time to go since it had past noon yet not too late. The drive there takes about half an hour, it's not too long which is good because there were so many stuff in the car that there wasn’t really have much space. Finally, we arrived and met with our friend, the Van Tassels family. They have two kids and one of them is Ethan's classmate. After setting up all the chairs and sun umbrellas, we started to go into the ocean. It was just too hot to stay on the beach. Karen helped me to put on the surfing suit so I wouldn't catch a cold while playing in the water.

Cardiff Beach

Everything, ready! :D

Me and Boogie Board!

They really want me to try a southern-Californian Classic activity called boogie boarding, especially Ethan, he kept saying that "we have to teach Phil how to boogie board". Of course, I was also very looking forward to trying it since I don't really have lots of opportunities doing that in Taiwan. It is an water sport that kinda like surfing but a lot easier. When the wave comes, we just have to turn facing the shore and jump into the wave, it sounds easy but it's actually pretty hard, "need some skills" they said. If you're lucky, the wave will take you all the way to the beach. I actually successfully boogie-boarded many times. It was really fun and I enjoyed it a lot.

I then went back on the beach and rest. We had some small sneaks, and I used the bluetooth speaker, JamBox, I brought to play some music. With the gorgeous view of the ocean , it was just fantastic.

Jambox the bluetooth speaker is a great gadget for people who want to have music on the beach. 

The advertising airplane! 


Me lol Well I was really cold...

See it's Elisa! She was so cute sitting in the chair and eating her snack. 

Elisa and me :D

"Can you help me open this?"

Surfer(s). Haha

We also chatted, played some games, and had a lot of fun. Unbelievably, we stayed still about 6:30 although we were saying that we could leave before 5. Just before we left, I went into the water and boogie boarded again for about 30 minutes, I even successfully boogie board more than last time! I also drunk some sea water though… but I don't mind because that’s called “behind the success”. Haha.

On our way home, we stopped by a burger shop and ordered some burgers and brought them home as dinner. Their food was really good and inexpensive as well.

Leaving... Bye, Cardiff Beach!

The burger place.

Their food was really good!

I really had an awesome time at the beach in California today. I love Cali.


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