11 January 2014

Jumping at Get Air Trampoline Park

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(The content of this post happened on Jan 2nd, 2014 PST)

On the last week of break, we did not do many activities, but we still did something fun. On Thursday, Karen brought boys and me to a trampoline place called Get Air. We had lunch at In-N-Out first, it was my second time having In-N-Out burger, it still taste so good. There were many people in Get Ait, we spent 15 minutes just to get tickets.

It was really fun to jump on their trampolines, they offer all kinds of trampolines for both kids and adults to jump (although very few adults were jumping Haha). I really had fun jumping, but it also made me really tired. I don't know whether Taiwan also have this kind of place for kids to have fun, but I really like it, because it's not only a fun place, but it's a healthy place, it's a good place for people who don't like sports to do exercise and workout. (like me Haha...)

This picture was taken inside Get Air.


  1. Did you mean Jan 2nd, 2014?

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