17 January 2014

Swimming in friend's neighborhoods

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I still can't believe that it's 80 degrees today, it's January already! Because of this, a friend of Karen invited us to their neighborhoods' swimming pool to swim. I was very excited since I haven't been swimming for so long.

Their neighborhoods is very huge, after entering their "North gate", we were lost. There are golf courses, tennis courses, swimming pool, restaurants and lots of houses in the neighborhoods, it's a very fancy neighborhoods. The swimming pool area is pretty big, there are standard lanes and kids area. Next to the pool, it's a small restaurant, people can order drinks or foods to eat either indoor or on the deck chairs. It is really nice!

After changing my clothes, I first played with boys. We use water guns to attract each others, it's fun to play with them. Beside playing with them, I also went swimming myself. I don't know how long is the standard lane, but I swam back and forward totally 17 times today. It's a kinda tired job. Elisa also came into the pool, she was just floating around, but it's super cute! When it's almost noon, we started to eat our lunch. We made our own sandwich and brought them to the pool.

Everyone was so tired after playing. But it was fun.

The video.

The swimming pool

Boys were playing happily.

Having snacks

Their restaurant's menu.


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