25 February 2014

Disneyland Trip - Day 3: California Adventure - Pt. 2

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(Please read the first part of this post first: Disneyland Trip - Day 3: California Adventure - Pt. 1.)

We visited Cars Land today! (I will mention it later)

After this quick but awesome trip around California, we went to one of the most famous attraction (but it's not in the video...) in California, Hollywood! Well, of course, not the real one, we are still in Disneyland, we went to the Hollywood Land! This area are inspired by the 1930s Golden Age period of Hollywood, I really love it since I kinda like some old-fashion buildings, that's why I also love Main Street, U.S.A. in Disneyland so much, it is inspired by the 1920s of Los Angeles. The reason why we were here was because we are going to get ready for Elisa's "Disney Junior's Live on Stage" show at 2:30, this was the only time when she could take a small rest. Before lining up for the show, we just walked around the Hollywood Land. There were not too many rides in this land but some nice gift shops and maybe some stages. When we finally got into the show theater, we were surprised because we have to sit on the ground, there was no chairs in this theater, I guess it's because this theater was designed for kids to dance and sing. But we were actually expecting to sit on some nice, soft chairs and take a rest during the show... I have to say, the actual show was pretty good. Although it was designed for little kids, I still enjoyed it a lot, I love the decorations on the stage and the music of the show, plus, seeing all small kids dancing, singing and replying silly answers to the host was really interesting. I remember that there was one time when the host asked something like "Do you want to discover Mickey's clubhouse?" (which, of course, she expect kids to answer YES), and I heard a kid behind me answered NO really loud. That was just really funny!

The Hollywood Land

Disney Junior's Live on Stage

Elisa really enjoyed this show.

After taking some rest in "Disney Junior Live on Stage" show, Ethan and me went to another really famous and popular attraction in Disneyland: the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. I was always looking forward to going on this ride, it is an accelerated drop tower thrill ride at many Disneyland parks, including Tokyo DisneySea. I remember that I have been on this ride before in DisneySea, and I was totally freaked out, but I decided to go on it again this time in California Adventure. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror are based upon a TV show called The Twilight Zone, and the theming of the ride building was inspired by the buildings in Hollywood, it looks really old and creepy.We waited about only 20 minutes to go on it, before going on the actual ride, we watched a short video in a small and dark "reading room" where has lots of old and creepy books and furnitures, the short videos show the story of this hotel. We then go into a place that looks like a engine room and waited to get on the elevator. There are 2 stories in this room, and each floor have 3 waiting/loading area, but there are only 3 elevator shafts! How does this work, are there also 2 stories on the ride? I was really confused when we were waiting, and I found some answers on Google, it says that each shaft has two vehicles and two load levels. It is designed so that the lower vehicle can be in its ride profile while the upper vehicle is loading, giving the attraction the ability to move its line much faster. Isn't that smart? About the actual ride, it was scary but has lots of fun. When the ride first started, we will goes up to another floor of the hotel and see our self disappeared in the mirror, it pretend like we are going into the fifth dimension, and then it starts dropping, and rising, and dropping, and rising... it was really fun! On interesting about the ride is, when the elevator is dropping, it is pulled downwards rather than a simple gravity-powered drop, so it cause most riders to rise off their seats, held down only by a seat belt!

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

In the The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, so scary!

Almost there!

See Ethan and me? Ha ha

After The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Ethan and I then went back to Paradise Pier and do California Screamin' again, since it is just too awesome! But we all know that we would have to wait forever to get on the ride, so we decided to use "Single Rider Pass", which requires shorter wait time, but we would not be able to sit with friends or family, we have to sit with random strangers. It basically just let empty seats on the ride vehicles to be filled using individuals from the line, so every vehicle is carrying the maximum number of occupants possible. The second time riding on California Screamin' were still really fun, this time, I sat in the last row of the train instead of the first row, I think sitting in back is scarier than in the front!

On the way back to Paradise Pier

We saw Phineas and Ferb when we were going back to Paradise Pier.

California Scearmin'!

Single Rider Pass. Useful!

Me sitting with a stranger. But I still had fun!

Time flies. By the time we finished California Screamin', it's already about 4 o'clock, we have to go back to Cars Land since it's the return time of Radiator Springs Racers' FastPasses. We finally got to meet Karen, Jason, Brennan and Elisa again! There are always sooooooo many people in Cars Land, I guess it's not only because Cars Land are really new, but also because that Disney really did a great job building Cars Land, as I said, all the faux mountains and rocks looks real, walking in Cars Land are just like walking in the scene of movie "Cars". Since Elisa are too short to go on Radiator Springs Racers, we had to take her to do something else. While Jason and Brennan were on Radiator Springs Racers, we took Elisa to ride Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree. In Mater’s Junkyard, guests ride in trailers being pulled and whipped around by baby tractors, it was pretty fun, but still not as fun as Radiator Springs Racers. With our FastPasses, we could walk pass all the people in the 2-hour-line and directly get the the ride with just few minutes of waiting. In Radiator Springs Racers, we will sit in a car with seat belt buckled. At the first part of the ride, it goes pretty slow, we can enjoy the great view of those rock mountains and the scene of the Cars movie, and then we started a race with another car, it was kinda like a roller coaster but passengers will not be able to see tracks (like Test Track), it was really cool. According to Wikipedia, Disney spent over $200 million building Radiator Springs Racers, it was really a lot of money! I hope I could just sit back and enjoy the great view of the Radiator Springs town and those hills.

Cars Land // Route 66

Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree

Cute baby tractors!

Just like in the movie Cars!

Entrance of the Radiator Springs Racers.

I can't believe that this huge rock hill is not real.

Enjoy the great view of those rock mountains and the scene of the Cars movie.

When we all finished Radiator Springs Racers, it's also almost time to go home. Before we leave the park, Jason brought boys to do Soarin' Over California again since they have "Rider Switch Pass". I just walked around the Hollywood Land and some gift shops. There are actually some cool things in Hollywood Land to be discovered, such as the Monster University scene. There are just too many things to do in the Disneyland Resorts, I hope my family and me can finish them all when we visit here in June (which is nearly impossible).

We're in Hollywood Land again!

One of the gift shops in Hollywood Land.

Monsters University

Before we leave Anaheim, we had dinner in a restaurant in Downtown Disney. It was a Mexican restaurant called Tortilla Jo's. Since the weather was good, we were not sitting indoor, the view of our seats are good, we can see the Downtown Disney square. Tortilla Jo's food are pretty good, they have really good services as well. The freshly made guacamole is quite good, this was my first time experiencing it.

Tortilla Jo's

The Downtown Disney view

The freshly made guacamole is quite good!

We then went to Lego Store again

Another cool store in Downtown Disney. You can build your own "toy (remote) car" here!

Then, so sad, it's time to head back to San Diego. But we all had a really good time in Anaheim these three days. I got not only fun, but lots of wonderful memories with the Berryhill family!


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