23 February 2014

Disneyland Trip - Day 2: Disneyland Park - Pt. 2

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(Please read the first part of this post first: Disneyland Trip - Day 2: Disneyland Park - Part 1.)

Disneyland Mickey's Soundsational Parade (I will mention it later)

Buzz Lightyear, one of the main characters in the movie "Toy Story", even has its own ride, called Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. We went on it after riding Matterhorn, it didn't take us too long to wait. I remember that I have played this in HK Disneyland, we basically just have to use laser guns to shoot wherever targets are. I got 13000 points at last, but Ethan and Jason got much more points than me, I guess they know the trick... At the exit of the ride, we can send the photo of us on the ride to our own e-mail for free, I of course did send it, but I looks dumb in the picture. Ha ha.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters!

My score was 13,000, as known as Laval 3!

Haunted Mansion, the ride we toot after having fun in the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. The Haunted Mansion is a haunted house dark ride, both out side and inside of the building looks scary. Before getting into the ride which is built below ground level, we have to take the elevator first. This is my favorite part of this attraction, the elevator that looks not like a elevator. It is an elevator with no roof that is being lowered slowly to give the illusion that the room itself is stretching, this brought us down to where the ride begins. I love this ride, too. It seems like it used many cool technologies to create special effects such as adding a transparent dead people between two riders on the ride. This ride was scary but fun.

Haunted Mansion


We then went back to Adventure Land again and did the Jungle Cruise. Again, it is an attraction located in many Disney Parks, including Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Tokyo Disneyland and HK Disneyland, so I have rode on it before, but I can still have fun since it might not be exactly the same. The wait time of this attraction was crazy, we waited for at least 40 minutes... the actual boat tour was good, though. During the Jungle Cruise tour, we can see all kinds of (fake) animals such as hippos, elephants and...crocodiles, it was really lots of fun.


The Adventure Land


Ohhhh no!!

After spending some time in Adventure Land, we decided to go back to Tomorrow Land and do Space Mountain again, but with Jason this time. Unfortunately, just by the time when we arrived Space Mountain, Jason got a text message from Karen says that Karen, Elisa and Brennan are coming back to park, so he would have to meet them at the entrance of park. Because of this, Jason couldn't get to ride Space Mountain again, he told Ethan and me to wait in line and ride it our self, and after finish riding, we could meet again. Well, okay... but just after Jason leaves Space Mountain, another bad thing happened, a Space Mountain worker told us that Space Mountain was temporary broken, we might have to wait additional 15-20 minutes for it to be fixed. After few minutes of considering, we didn't leave the line since we saw lots of people were leaving, so the waiting time would actually not change too much. We found that this is the right decision after the 50 minutes wait, it was worth it since Space Mountain is really a fun and well-made ride!

Second time!

On the ride~~

We then met everybody again. Brennan asked to do Matterhorn, but Karen and Jason want to take Elisa to Toon Town, so we are separated again. Brennan, Ethan and me went do the Matterhorn, Karen, Jason and Elisa went to the Toon Town. Although I don't really wants to do Matterhorn since we all already did it and the wait time was not short (40 mins), I still took boys there and rode with them because there are actually two tracks in Matterhorn (remember? I mentioned that!), as long as we get on the right-side track, the ride experience would not be exactly the same as last time. And yeah, we still had lots of fun on it!

Matterhorn ride! But this time, was on right side!

After the Matterhorn ride, we met Karen, Jason and Elisa at the Sleeping Beauty Castle. The actual castle kinda looks smaller than the one on Disneyland advertisements, but anyway, it is still so beautiful, especially under the afternoon sunset, which is the time when we visit there. Not many people know that there are actually a entrance to get into the castle, it is located on the side of the castle. After walking thought that screct door, we can read and understand the summary of a princess story with some 3D artworks (I forgot which "princess story", there are too many), Elisa loved it! We had dinner in another restaurant in Disneyland, again, the price was not low but the quality of food and the restaurant environment are definitely good.

The Sleeping Beauty Castle

In the castle.

We all went to Toon Town after dinner. I was really surprised when I first saw Toon Town, all the mountains in background and all the building looks just like in cartoon. I felt like being in a 2D cartoon film! One of the most famous rides of Disneyland, It's a Small World, unfortunately, was not open until March, so we couldn't get to ride in it. Since Toon Town is not really the best place for boys and me to stay in, and I still have a ride that I haven't got on it, I asked if we could go do Autopia. Karen let boys and me to go our self, and they will stay in Toon Town with Elisa, so I took boys there with me. Autopia is a attraction located in Tomorrow Land, in which patrons steer specially designed cars through an enclosed track. We waited for about 15 minutes to get in it, which is not too bad. All of us had our own ride, I really enjoyed riding in my own car, but I don't feel like my car wheel was really working, all I could do was to step on the gas... Well, it was still fun.

It's a small world. Unfortunately it's closed.

Toon Town!

Autopia. Aorry it's dark there...so...

Time flies. It was 7:30 already, we all met up and went back to Main Street, U.S.A. to get ready going home. We did some shopping in a big Disney store on Main Street while waiting the parade to start. I got a pretty good spot watching the parade. The new Disneyland Soundsational Parade was really awesome, not only the dancers and floats were attracting my attention, the music of the parade are really good as well. After the parade, I was like "Oh, time to go back to hotel...", but who knows, a big surprise came, Jason told me that he, Ethan and I can stay in the park until the park close, while Karen, Brennan and Elisa would go back to hotel first. How exciting!!

The Gift Shop on Main Street, U.S.A.

The Mickey's Soundsational Parade!


The Lion King!!

Lots of people were leaving after the parade!

In this last hour in park (8-9:00), we decided to do Matterhorn and Indiana Jones ride again. Although it was really close to the park close time, there were still lots of people lining up for Matterhorn ride. The Matterhorn ride at night was even more awesome, we could see the whole Disneyland park at night, with all beautiful, colorful lights! About the Indiana Jones ride, since it was a indoor ride, there were not really a lot differences from Indiana Jones ride in daytime, but it was still lots of fun riding it. Disneyland Park and its rides have to handle so many visitors a day that make rides broke down pretty often. I experienced two major broken down during my visit today, one was the Space Mountain broken down, the other was the Indiana Jones ride broken down. Yep, the Indiana Jones ride broke just half a hour before the park closes, fortunately, Disneyland engineers fix them pretty quick, so we still successfully rode on it.

Disneyland at night.

Indiana Jones ride waiting area at night.

Leaving the park :(

Today was so awesome. I had a really fun and unforgettable day in this World happiest place. I am looking forward to visiting with my family again in June!!


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