23 February 2014

Disneyland Trip - Day 2: Disneyland Park - Pt. 1

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Yeah!!! This day was finally here! It's day for visiting the world happiest place, Walt Disneyland! Disneyland opens at 9 today, so we woke up at 8, and had a simple, quick breakfast. Our hotel offers free breakfast, it was very basic, and there has not place for us to eat so we have to eat in our room, but it's actually a good thing since we can finish it fast have save time to have fun in Disneyland! As we were on our way to Disneyland, we could see some rides in California Adventure Park such as California Screamin' and The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, that make boys and me even more excited! By the time we arrived Disneyland entrance (about 8:45), there were already lots of people waiting there to get in to the park, it took us at least half an hour to go through all processes and got into the actual park, processes including backpack check, which can make this 40,000-visitors-per-day park much safer.

One of the rides in Disneyland, the Space Mountain

We could see The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror on our way to Disneyland

Soooooo many people!!

Waiting in line just to get into the park...

The first thing boys, Karen and me did after get into the park was to run to this super popular Space Mountain, or we might have to wait for a really long time to get on it. About dad and Elisa, they ran to the Indiana Jones ride and got FastPasses for us, so we didn't need to wait to get into Indiana Jones ride, too. We waited for only about 20 minutes to get into the Space Mountain, which is not too bad since it is a really popular ride. Space Mountain in this Disneyland was just like the one I rode in HK Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland, riders will go through a light tube first, and got into "Space". I asked to sit in the first row so I can see the whole spectacular "Space Mountain", this is one of my favorite rides in Disney since they really did a great job decorating the ride, I can see lots of stars while riding on the ride, I really love it.

Tomorrow Land!

Not too many people were waiting

Me // Brennan // Ethan

Almost there...

Picture of us in the ride, looks... ammmm... you know...

After riding Space Mountain, we went on another ride, which is also in Tomorrow Land, called Star Tour. Star Tours is a motion simulator with Dolby 3D screen, people riding in it will feel like they are in a space ship, and exposure to the movie "Star Wars", it feels really realistic. Boys like this ride so much since Star Wars are their favorite movie series. I like this ride, too. Especially its waiting area, I love those talking interactive robots. (Well, I never watched Star Wars, so I don't know their names...)

In the waiting area of Star Tour

Talking robot... sorry, I really don't know his name...

We then went to the Adventure Land after finishing Star Tours since we were just in the 1-hour return time of the Indiana Jones ride FastPasses that Jason got us. Before Boys, Karen and I met Jason, we looked around in the Indiana Jones gift shop, there are lots of different themed gift shops in Disneyland, it's interesting to visit each different ones. Thanks to Jason, with those FastPasses, we got into the Indiana Jones ride in just 10 minutes. Just like Star Tours, we can also find lots of fun and surprise in Indiana Jones ride's waiting area, since the background of this ride is in a old, mystery temple, there are lots of wall murals and decorations in it, which is really cool. The actual ride was fantastic as well, one of the scenes in the ride was a huge rock rolling down, we felt like it was just going to hit us, and we suddenly drop down to another track, so it didn't hit us, that part was really cool!

Adventure Land entrance!

The gift shop

Entrance of the Indiana Jones ride.

In the waiting area

After the awesome Indiana Jones ride, Ethan, Jason and me went looking around the New Orleans Square area, we didn't take any rides, but saw lots of beautiful buildings.  Disney carefully made all buildings so pretty that visitor could feel so relax and romantic just walking in it. (Well, maybe not when there are too many people...) We had lunch in a restaurant in New Orleans Square, one thing I love about Disneyland is, unlike other restaurants, although their foods are expensive, but it's worth it, their foods not only taste good, but has good quality.

New Orleans Square

In the New Orleans Square, all buildings are so beautiful.

The steamboat

Another gift shop

Where we had lunch

Pirates Of The Caribbean, another popular, famous, and long-wait time attraction is just next to the restaurant where we had lunch, so that was of course our next ride. The wait time of Pirates Of The Caribbean was not too bad when we were there, we waited about half an hour to get in. The whole Pirates Of The Caribbean ride was indoor, I think Disney wants to make it like at night, just like the scenes in the movie. At the very first part of the ride, we could see some people eating in a "outdoor" restaurant on the river side. Yeah, looks like outdoor but it's actually indoor, people there can enjoy the beautiful view of the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride, eating there feels just like among in part of the film.

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Waiting, waiting, more waiting...

Since Elisa is only 2 years old, we would have to take a nap in the afternoon. Because of this, Karen took Elisa and Brennan back to hotel and came back few hours later. Now there are only Ethan, Jason and me in the park, we got to play some older-kids stuff! I decided to try a roller-coaster type ride called Matterhorn, this was one of the oldest ride in Disneyland, the waiting time was about 40 minutes. Though it's a long time, but we didn't have FastPass for this, so we still waited in line. There are two tracks of Matterhorn to choose from, left side and right side, they are basically the same, they are both in this fake Matterhorn mountain, we chose to try the left side. This ride is kinda fast, and the view on the ride are very beautiful, we could bird-eye view the whole Disneyland Park, but riding on it will not feel very comfortable, I guess is because this is a really old ride.

On the way to Matterhorn ride (See that Matterhorn right there?)

Old fashion cars

Matterhorn ride!

Entrance of Matterhorn ride

This is what Matterhorn ride train looks like

Be // Ethan // Jason

(CONTINUE READING - There are too much awesome stuffs to talk about, so I have to separate this post to two "blog posts". Please read the second part of this post by clicking here: Disneyland Trip - Day 2: Disneyland Park - Part 2.)


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