19 October 2013

The first time shopping at walmart

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(The content of this post happened on 19 Aug, 2013 CDT)

My host family will go Aberdeen almost every weekend, the major reason is to shop at Walmart. Walmart is a hypermarkets that sells almost everything, from food to television, we can get all of them from Walmart. Every weekend, we go Aberdeen to have lunch and shop at Walmart. We will buy enough food for the whole week.

My was very excited when the first time visiting Walmart, I saw many "new" and interesting things. Here has some pictures, I will describe each of them under the picture.

Entering Walmart



Coca cola puzzle. - I like to collect some things about coca cola, those were nice!

Acer computers - Acer is a brand from Taiwan

iPad accessories

Software...in box XD

Bunch of iTunes gift card. - There were no iTunes gift cards in Taiwan.

Google Play gift card

Music Albums

Gaming Cards

Angry Birds Retail Version lol

Pre-order games

Angry Birds cookie - So many angry birds...


Kids t-shirts



Cereal for kids. lol

宮保 Asia food


More gift cards

Sub...wait! Is that a baby?

Bye, Walmart!

After shopping at Walmart, we have lunch at Pizza hut with Spencer, Tommy and Styles!