27 October 2013

Helping barb washing the vehicle

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We did not have many things to do yesterday, we went to the fire department to wash Barb's pickup truck and went Aberdeen to meet Styles and have supper at night. Since Barb also work at the Ipswich fire department, we could easily go in. Barb works only when there is a fire in town, she do not get paid.

This was my time went into the fire department in Ipswich, I saw there were some people having meeting there before, but I never go in. There are many big vehicle inside, including few fire trucks and an ambulance. There are also many firefighters custom, that is really cool!


Ipswich ambulance

So many firefighters custom!

We connect the water pipe to a motor, make the water come out with high pressure, so it would be easier and faster to clean up some stuff like mud on the truck. JJ helped brush the truck, and I flush it. Since the water comes out with high pressure, the water pipe was not easy to hold. But very soon, I found some tips to hold it better and make the truck cleaner. After all finished, the truck looks shiny and new!

We then took at least 10 minutes cleaning the floor that was full of truck's mud. Barb's truck was really dirty though.

Barb and me!


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