24 October 2013

"Moving Spencer to College" Trip - Day 3

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(The content of this post happened on 26 Aug, 2013 CDT)

Finally, it was the last day of the trip. We did not have many plans for today. I wanted to go to the Badlands National Park that was also located in South Dakota, but Spencer had a doctor appointment, and it was a 5 hours drive to Ipswich, so we could not go.

We met Spencer at the hospital in Rapid City. JJ and I were waiting at the visitor waiting area playing our phones, about 2 hours later, they finally finished. In the parking lot, I saw Barb hugged Spencer and say goodbye, then, it was time to leave.

But big things happened when we just left hospital two blocks. Our trailer were hit by a car! When we were driving straight on the road which has 3 lanes, the driver of the car behind us decided to change its lane, but she did not notice us, then we got hit. We had really bad luck that day, the weather was hot, plus Barb just left her son, all of us were not happy. I was sitting in the front, I remember the time we got hit, I just heard "BANG", and I felt like something bumped us, I thought it was the blast of tire, but since Barb yelled "Somebody just hit us", I knew it was not that simple.

Fortunately, there were a gas station which has car-repair station next to the scene. By the time Barb drove in, there was a men came and help us. He helped us to call the police and asked if we have seen the licence number of the car that hit us, but we did not. The car which hit us ran away. We got off and saw the tire of the trailer behind us was crashed, Styles began to cry. He was scared, he knew something happened, so we could not get home on time.

The men in gas station.

But something magical happens. A car drove in the gas station and stops next to us, two young men got off and said "Hay, we got the licence number". How nice! They said they know we had really bad luck, they saw how all the accident happened, and they saw the car that hit us ran away, so they chase that car for one block, remembered the number, and drive back to give us the licence number. Thanks to them, made us felt a bit better.

Very soon, the police officer came. He was very tall and strong, but also very nice, he saw Styles was crying, so he tried to make him happy. He asked "What do you like?", Styles answered "Fast cars", and the police said "me too, I love them too". The police helped us collecting some information about the accident. On the same time, the men from car-repair station were checking our trailer, and trying to help us to find ways to fix. But he said they did not have tools to fix trailer, but there are a trailer repair center in town.

Police officer

Over two hours later, all police's work were done, we also called the trailer repair center. So we unhook the trailer and drive to the trailer repair center. About the trailer, they will come and take it back with their special vehicle. Oh, finally. Now we just have to wait for the trailer come, and we can head home! But because their close time is 4:30, it was already 5, so we can only wait outside... It was hot! Half an hour later, our trailer comes. It was funny because they could not unload our trailer, every angle was not right, we just sitting there and see they keep trying and trying. After they successfully unloaded the trailer and did some final check, all done! They told us they will fix it, and we have to pick it up on other day. It was not a problem because Spencer can bring it back home.

At the trailer repair center

After so many things happened, we were finally on the way home! It is a 5 hours drive to Ipswich, but it was already 6 o'clock, so we did not ate supper, we just bought some snack to eat on the road.

One the way back home!

We stopped at the McDonald because we were too hungry~

Our third day of the trip was absolutely unforgettable! Thanks to the people helping us, the men in the gas station, two young guy that gave us the number, nice police officer. They all did not ask for money, they said they just want to help, we already had such a bad luck today, they don want to make us unhappier. And one big good thing that Barb keep saying was, nobody was hurt.


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