14 October 2013

First meet with my host family

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(The content of this post happened on 17 Aug, 2013 CDT)

After arrived Aberdeen airport, my host mom, host sister, styles and my roommate were already waiting there. My roommate is also an exchange student, but he came here 2 weeks earlier than me. They help me to carry my packages, even a 3 years old kid, Styles wanted to help! They then take me to a amusement park, there had many temporary rides and stalls selling ice cream, just like the picture in the movie! And we watched a BMX show, young kids performing bicycle stunts, that's awesome, and Styles love it very much.

Arrived Aberdeen!

The amusement park, just like in a movie!

JJ, Styles and me


The BMX show

After that, they take me to AT&T, the biggest telecom operators in America, to apply my phone number that can call in the USA. After waiting for a long time, a staff take us to the counter and discuss which plan is the best for me. I choose the 25 dollar per month plan, so I can sent unlimited international text messages and talk 250 minutes internal per month. But a month later, I changed to 10 cents per mintues plan, because I only talked 14 minutes in the first month... By the way, when the second we went to AT&T, all the computers were evacuated from the counter, they changed to use iPad to complete everything, even swiping the credit card and signing were completed on an iPad, that's unbelievable!

This is the only picture I have in AT&T lol

My number

And then they drive me home, it is a 40 minutes drive from Aberdeen to Ipswich. Ipswich is the town I which live in, the population are only soon 1000, it's a very tiny town! The house I am staying is in the corner of the town, and it is next to the railroad track, so I can hear trains drive by, it is very loud, and that is why I will woke by trains at night sometimes in the first two weeks here. The trains are not for people, it is for cereals such as corn etc.

Driving home

On the way home~

My house

The railroad track that next to my house 

Looking out from my house

My house is on the left hand side

After arrived home, my host mom told me which is my room and show me where bathroom is. I then sort out my packages and move to my new room! It's so nice that I have my own room, although it's not big, but it's very warm and nice.


Living room and JJ

My room

JJ's room


I have steak and beans for the first supper here, the steak were grilled by my host brother, Spencer. It is very delicious! And host mom, Barb, asked me if I want some drink. "Of course" I answered, because I usually will not have drink during eating meals in Taiwan.

Steak and beans

Although there has a dishwasher in my house, but Barb does not like to use it. So we wash the dishes by hands and dry it with a towel. It is a new experience for me because I do not dry dishes with towel in Taiwan, we just leave it and let it dry itself.

After supper, they took me to see George. George is a male horse which live near my house. He is very clean and beautiful, and I like him very much. Unfortunately, we can't ride him because it is not ours, so we just feed him :)

JJ and George

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  1. Good story. Very detailed. You have a nice host family.