13 October 2013

From Taipei to Aberdeen

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(The content of this post happened on 16-17 Aug, 2013 CDT)

I stayed in America for almost two months, but I had never written a blog before, so I am going to review some cool and important things that happened in past two months.

To be an exchange student, there are bunch of paper works to do. Such as visa application and many agreements. But after that, but the most important thing is to take the plane. From leaving Taiwan, transfer the plane, to entering the USA everything have to done by yourself, and if anything happened, asking people that speak unfamiliar language is the only way to help. So it's such a big challenge that I have to overcome.

Packing the packages

The last night to sleep in my room

The rendezvous notice


Me and my partners at the Check-in desk


My boarding pass

It takes me total 27 hours from Taoyuan International Airport to Aberdeen Airport, the airport which is nearest to my town. I have to transfer to the another plane for two times. From Taipei to Los Angeles (13 Hr), wait 3 hours, from LA to Minneapolis (3Hh), wait 7 hours, and from Minneapolis to Aberdeen(1Hh). But I always sleep on the airplane, so I am not tired when I arrived, and I even didn't have time difference problem.

Los angeles Airport is such a huge airport, there are 8 terminal in LA Airport. But there had a airport staff helping me during the transfer process, so it's not a big problem on transfering airplane.

And maybe because I'm taking plane by my self and I am teenager, the staff that lead me always let me boarding first, even sooner than the "First Class" passengers, and I also used the crew passageway to pass the customs, so it did not take much time. That is pretty good for me because I have time to take a rest and do not need to be nervous at the airport when I am waiting!

But something happened when I'm waiting in the Los angeles Airport! I should get my third boarding pass in Los Angeles Airport, but I did not know where to get it. And because I was so nervous, I even didn't know how to ask for my boarding pass! It took me almost five minutes to explan my situation to the staff at the airport, but they still did not understand. Fortunately, the staff that lead us between two terminal helped me. She told me that it was too early to get the boarding pass now, I could only get it few hours later, that means I have to get it in Minneapolis. So the only thing to do now is to wait.

I was not boring when I am waiting in the Los Angeles Airport, because I was so excited. I AM IN AMERICA! THE NATION THAT I ALWAYS WANTED TO GO! I could not wait to go to the store, even it's just a tiny small store that sell snack in the airport, I still can spend a hour for just looking around!


Huge 747-400 airplane

Fishing boats and the coastal



Bunch of paper works!

Los Angeles

LAX airport

My partners and airport staff who lead us

The store in LA Airport

The second airplane

After arrived Minneapolis, I have to wait 7 hours, to pass the time, I just walk around airport and chat with my family and friends with airport's free Wi-Fi. The weather it's very nice, and so is my mood. The first buy in America is a bottle of Mountain Dew, the drink that Taiwan don't have, I like it very much!

Minneapolis airport, iPad everywhere!

Cool ad

Minneapolis airport

Nice weather

Skype with my family


In airport

Mtn Dew~

My third airplane

Bye~ Minneapolis

Finally, arrived Aberdeen. The first meet with my host family is a unforgettable moment. My host sister's son, styles, is so cute. And my host mom, host sister, and roommate are so nice. My exchange life now started...



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