21 October 2013

"Moving Spencer to College" Trip - Day 1

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(The content of this post happened on 24 Aug, 2013 CDT)

My second weekend in Ipswich were big days, because we were moving out my host brother, Spencer, to college. The college which Spencer was going to is Black Hills State University in Spearfish, South Dakota. It is a 5 hour drive from Ipswich, so we planned to go for 3 days, we can go somewhere else like Mt. Rushmore, and we had Monday off!

The last time Spencer playing with Styles.

Since Spencer was going to stay at the college dorm, he had lots of things to pack and move. The only way to move those things in one time is to use a trailer. We borrowed a small trailer that can hook on our pick off truck from Barb's sister. Spencer had began to pack a week before the BIG day, JJ and I also helped him. By the way, we did not forget to prepare some food for the long drive! :)


Packing things and move couch out from Spencer's old room - at the basement of his dad's house

Basement of Spencer's dad house

Today was the day to leave Ipswich. We woke up at 4 o'clock and leave at soon 5 o'clock, since it was a really long drive, we have to leave at early in the morning. We drove 2 pick off trucks, the one Spencer drove was hooking a trailer, and the one Barb drove was carrying JJ, Styles and me. I started sleeping when I just got on the truck, and so did JJ, but Styles seems very excited, he just kept talking and talking, well... sometimes were very funny, though.

Barb woke me up at seven o'clock, because the sun has risen, and the view was beautiful. We were in the middle of the South Dakota, actually, the only things we can saw were the straight highway and the corns and wheats on the flat great plains, but the sun shone on the corns and wheats, made the whole great plains golden colored, that was really beautiful!

7:00 AM - One the road

Golden colored! Awesome view~

The river

Barb was driving~


Spencer's pick off and ours.


Few hours later, we arrived Spearfish. The first thing we did was to eat, we were all hungry. I remember we ate at Arby's, that was the first fast food I ate in America. There were some different between Taiwan's and USA's fast food restaurants, like in here, there are more hamburger choice and drinks to choose from, and we can refill the drink, but not in Taiwan.



Lots of drinks to choose from

After eating, we took Spenser to his college and apply his admission procedures. The Black Hills State University was beautiful. The school buildings were huge, and It had many lawn between school buildings, so students would not feel crowded, I thought Spencer would be really happy here. The decoration in the school building were also very pretty, just like in the movie "Harry Porter".

Black Hills State University

In the Black Hills State University

We soon took Spencer to his dorm, because he could not wait to see his new living space. JJ, Barb and I all helped him to move his stuff in, from kitchenware to couch, from his daily stuff to room decoration, we spent whole afternoon moving everything from trailer to his dorm. It was a really tired job! He have two roommates, but Spencer chose the room that had only one bed, I thought was not only because it's bigger, but also because his dog will move in very soon. The dog is for Spencer's diabetes, it can smell if the sugar content in his body are too high, so Spencer can be protected.

JJ, Styles and Spencer's father

Spencer's new room

Lots of boxes!!

Later, Spencer met his roommates, this was their first met. We then went to the Walmart in the Rapid City and bought many many things for Spencer's college life.

We bought lots of things.

Very soon, it was already evening. We left Spearfish and headed to our hotel, Super 8 in Rapid City. It was such a nice hotel, the small lobby and breakfast buffet makes people feel warm.

Our room

Look out from the room window

We played with Styles in the room after supper, although he was noisy sometimes, but he is very cute, plus, he was only 3 years old.

The menu in Burger King - It was TV's! Cool!

Styles was playing~


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