26 October 2013

Kevin's Birthday party

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(The content of this post happened on 1 Sept, 2013 CDT)

It was already September, 2013! I have been staying in Ipswich for over two weeks, the school also started for a while. I have made some friends here. One of my friend, Kevin Charlton was going to held a party to celebrate his birthday on September 1st. He invited JJ and me to go. He said it would be a awesome party, and they will prepare supper and some snacks.

The night at the party

Since Kevin's house is also in Ipswich, we just need to walk there, it is very near. We arrived at 4 o'clock. Some more people were already there, they are all my classmates. We did some interesting things that I have never done before, such as cutting the firewood. They said   those wood were for the campfire at night. I never used ax before, this was my first experience. It was so heavy that I could not hold it for too long. They taught me how to use it to cut the firewood, very soon, I could hold it and cut wood very well! I am a good learner! Haha :)

Kevin's family kept many cats. 3 of them were kitties that was only few months old. I love them very much, they are so cute! It is very comfortable to hold them, because they are very soft and warm, and they are also very nice.

Cute kitty

Tyler and the kitty :)

After playing with cats and chatting with friends for soon half an hour in the yard, we then went to play basketball. Since I do not like sports, and my basketball skill were not good, I was not very interested in playing basketball. But I still joined them and played with them.

The weather was nice

After playing basketball, Kevin's dad created an interesting game for us to play, that was, he hided many certain objects around the town, and we have to find it. There were 2 people in a team, the team which found the most objects can get 20 bucks. The game was very stimulation, all of us were running to try to find more objects. Unfortunately, my team did not win, Kevin's team won. That was funny~

Kevin's parents made meatballs with bread for supper. It was delicious, I like it very much. When we finished supper, it was already dark outside, so we all went out and light the campfire by igniting the wood that we cutted afternoon. We sit like a circle around the fire, we talked joke, played games and ate icecreams. We played a fun game, we had to try to open a "tape ball" by wearing gloves, there was a 10 bucks paper dollar  in the middle. Final, Kevin's brother, Jacob won.

 Campfire~ cool!

Birthday cake!

We went home at 11 o'clock that night, actually the party has not end, but it was really too late. We were happy at the party, it was a cool experience to me, because it is impossible to have party like this in Taiwan!