12 October 2013

Yeah! My new blog are finally done!

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Hello~ I'm Phil, a 2013-2014 exchange student from Taiwan, a beautiful island on Pacific Ocean. I'm good at computer and I like design. I stay in Ipswich, South Dakota with host mom, Barb, and my roommate, JJ, who's from South Korea. Ipswich is a very small town, which has a population soon 1000, unlike Taipei, it's very natural here. Here're some picture I took in Ipswich.

Main Street

Railroad track next to our house

Gas Station

My roommate, JJ and George

Train ~ So close!

We do not have school these five days. Except study, I have nothing to do because it is too cold and windy outside, and Barb has to work. Then I thought of an idea, let me make a blog! When I have time, I can write down what I think, and share my exchange student's life for those who want to be exchange students. Also, I'll written in English, so there will be more people come to visit this blog and also improve my English skill. But my English is not good NOW, so...sorry~ Haha.

Being an exchange student seems easy, but actually it's not. People always think that the only thing exchange students are going to do is play. In fact, we have to study with high school students in local, and we have to live a whole year abroad without our parents. Everything has to do by ourselves. So it's a challenge for the exchange students all over the world. :)