15 October 2013

Walking around Ipswich

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(The content of this post happened on 18 Aug, 2013 CDT)

I do not have school during my first 3 days here, so I just walk around Ipswich, go to the farm or go Aberdeen, which is the 3rd biggest city in South Dakota. Ipswich is a very tiny town, the population is soon 1000. Walking around Ipswich only take like half an hour. So of course, there will not be many stores in Ipswich.

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There are a subway, a groceries store, a bank, a restaurant and 2 gas stations with convenience store. There is also a post office and... maybe some more stores (I'm not sure). Because we are on the highway intersection, the gas stations are important.



Gas station


Most of the people here do farming, and there are some factories around here, but I'm not sure what are they for, maybe they are refining gas from corn. Barb work in Roscoe, a town which is 15 miles west from here. There has a farmers elevator here, it is where farms managers work, Barb said that she used to work there.

The factories

There are 3 parks and 4 churches in Ipswich. The church that Barb usually go have meeting on every Wednesday and Sunday.


Claudia and the trains


JJ was having fun at the park lol

Oh that hurts...

Although Ipswich is small, but there are two schools in Ipswich. One is Ipswich Public School, one is Holy Cross School. I go to the first one, it is not only a high school but also a elementary and middle school. It is also a stadium that play many games, such as girl volleyball etc. And the second one is a private school, it is only for 3-6th grade students, so it is much smaller.

Look out from the school

The new school building is still in a construction

Barb says that there is a jail in the basement of the town office, but it is for people like alcoholism or have bad checks, so it is not dangerous. Town office is very important to people in town not only because it is a "office", the major reason is because the building is very sturdy, so if the tornado comes, we should hideaway inside. But hope it won't come!!!

I think we can get everything we need for liveing from Ipswich, but there isn't any places that I can go with friends after school or weekends, so sometimes I feel bored here.

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