23 October 2013

It started to snow!

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Although I haven't finished writing posts about big things that happened before, like Trip and first day at school, I still want to write today's diary. It was too special today, it started to snow!  Actually, it started at the night before yesterday, but those days had only a little bit. Today did not have very much too, but it was snowing when I was walking to school. I have seen snowing days and played with snow before, but only a few time during the trip in foreign country like Japan and Korea, so snow actually are "new things" to me.

The night before yesterday

Yesterday morning

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did was ask JJ if it is snowing (He already woke up). He replied "Oh, yeeees!". I was excited because I want to see. :)

By the time I finished breakfast, the snow hasn't stop. But it was already time for school, so I wore my jacket and walk out. I was afraid that I would get wet because I did not have umbrella, but I didn't got wet! It was because of my jacket, the gore-tex pattern can keep it from getting wet.

The snowy day was beautiful, everything were white. But at the same time, it was very cold!
But...I still love snowy day!! :)


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