25 October 2013

A small surprise for Barb

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This might be the shortest post on my blog, because I just want to share a cool thing that I made with JJ last weekend.

Since Barb had to work last Saturday, there were only JJ and I at home. We did not have many things to do. On afternoon, JJ said he want to practice football on the lawn which is next to our house, I thought he was only playing football. But when the next time I went out, I saw he put leaves together to make word "Barb". I came and help. I made it more beautiful and neat, I also add some more words. When it was all finished, looks very pretty.

JJ and the "leaves art"

Me and the "leaves art"

I was working on it

I changed the font of letter a

The very original version (by JJ)

Barb work very late that day. So when she arrived home, it was already very dark outside. But we still want to show her our "artwork", we use flashlight and try to make it visible. She was very happy, and on the facebook photo, she replied "You guys made my day!" :)

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