17 October 2013

First visit to the farm

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(The content of this post happened on 18 Aug, 2013 CDT)

Barb have two brother and two sister, they all live in town or near Ipswich. On my second day in Ipswich, Barb took me and JJ to the her sister' farm. The farm is few mile west from Ipswich, it is not very big, there were only few farmhouse that keep animals.

The house in the farm

There were two big dogs run to us when Barb stop the pick off truck, their names are Sugar and Spice. Because they are very big, and I don't have many opportunity can play with animals before, I was a bit afraid of them. JJ was not, he love them very much, he even played with them! But now (2 months later) I can play with them, too! And I discovered that Sugar is a really lazy dog, he always lie down.


Brad's sister, her husband and her daughter, Makayla, soon came out and welcome us to came. They are so nice and interesting that I can profound remember the first meet with them. They told me Makayla is a junior student in Ipswich High, so I can ask her for help if I does not understand something about school. His father looked just like the farmers in the movie, and so is his voice! He saw I was taking picture with my htc J smartphone, he then said "You got a fancy phone". I think they do not use technology stuff very often. :)

They took us to see the goats, there was a goat that was different from others, his name is Midnight. Midnight was very nice, just like a puppy. Unlike other goats, he won't try to escape from the fences and running around.

There are many cats walking around the farm, some were black, some were white, and one of them had 7 babies. Those baby kitties were born only few days, they were so tiny, one of them even havn't open its eyes. And thay were so soft and cute, that make me wanted to keep them!

Baby kitties

Different eyes color




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