30 October 2013

Watching Volleyball Game at School

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(The content of this post happened on 3 Sept, 2013 CDT)

Most of the time, JJ and me had not many things can do after school except study and using our cell phone. So we often find some activities to do, such as playing basketball or go to the school game. There were many games held in Ipswich, most of the time, it was girl volley ball game, and sometimes was football game. Other schools' team player will come to our gym and have game, of course, our school's team will also play games at other school, such as Aberdeen Central High School.

This was the first we went to school and watch the game. We went home after school and had supper, and we went to school again. All of the audience supposed to pay 3 dollars for entering, but since I bought an activities ticket for 15 dollars, I can enter all school games and activities for free. There were many people in the gym, some are home teams' (our school's) parents and schoolmate, some are visitors'.

When JJ and I arrived, I saw there already have many of my schoolmates, most of them are in school band, they have to play bands during the games' break time. But JJ and I sat on the top ourself, because we did not know them very much. Before the game start, we have to pay tribute to the America by standing up and put the right hand on the heart when national anthem was playing by the band. Although I am not American, but since I was in their nation, I still do so. The game was pretty exciting, all players all played very hard, plus the visitors' cheering, we really enjoyed the game.

This was really cool

JJ love the band very much, and so do I. They play not only "classic" songs but also pop music! That was awesome, they played songs such as "Last Friday night" by Katy Perry.

School band


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