31 October 2013

Went Trick or Treating like a kid on Halloween

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Today, 31 Oct, 2013, is Halloween! The BIG THING of Halloween is to trick-or-treating! I of course went trick-or-treating, too. But you may think this is kids' activity, actually, that was also what I think. JJ and my original plan was to give out the candies that we prepared for kids. But since Kevin called and ask me to go trick-or-treating with him, I left candies home, and went out with him. He prepared some costume for us because we do not have any. I got a mask which has a scary face (It is a movie character's face but I do not know who he is), and JJ got a pair of ninja knife.

Me!! Hahaha :)

Since we arrived Kevin's house at a quarter to six, it was too early for trick-or-treating. So we watched TV and play with the fake knife. He sprayed fake blood on the knife to make it looks more real. When about 6:30, we wore all the masks and costumes, and started trick-or-treating!

Dustin and his brother

It was cold out, but the mask makes me feel hot. We knocked the door which has house's light on, and said "Trick or Treat". The people are very nice, they gave us lots of candied. Then, we went to the next house, and next house. Shortly after we start trick-or-treating, we met Dustin, his brother and his mom on the road, so they joined us and we trick-or-treat together. His mom did not ask for candy because she is not a kid, but I think she loves candy. She told Dustin to give her some candies several times~ haha. We walked around the whole town, visited at least 20 families, all of us got a big bag of candies. Although some families asked us "Aren't you guys too old?" for joking, I still love joining this activity with children very much, because it is fun, and because of candies! :)

Candies I got, it's a lot of candies!

Candy pack from the church


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