31 October 2013

Two Crazy Snowy Days - Playing in the snow

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Since the last snowy night on the day before yesterday, it has not snow again (or very little), but the snow from that night has been no melt, so JJ and I played in the snow these two days all of the time after school.

The scene I saw in the morning the day before yesterday.

This was my third, or fourth time to see the snow. Before, I can only see or touch the snow when the family trip to other country like Japan and Korea. So "snow" is pretty new and special to me. When I walked out of school yesterday after school, I saw the snow from night had not melt, I was soooo excited. I can't wait to grab some and throw JJ! :)

The first thing JJ and I did when we arrived home was wearing our coat and gloves, and ran out. We couldn't wait to play in the snow! The snow is so soft and bright, it is very beautiful. We play with each other, but since JJ didn't have gloves, I always attack him! Haha It was really fun. We also shoveled the snow, we made a clean road in front of the house so we can walk through. And I tried to ride the bike in the snow, it was kinda hard because the snow was up to about 3 inches deep.

Awesome video first!

I was lying in the snow~ It's comfortable Haha

At the farm at night

The way to school

The second day, JJ made a snowman. Although it was a bit dirty, but it still was a nice work. He said he felt tired, because he had to made the snowman hard, so it would not melt too quick.


It was really fantastic these days, it was my first experience to play in the snow in the USA, and shoveling snow. I love snowy day very much. But...Barb keep telling me, she hate snowy days, because the winter here will be really cold, and it will be hard to drive the vehicle because the road will be freezed.


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