07 November 2013

Going Bowling With Schoolmates

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(The content of this post happened on 8 Oct, 2013 CDT)

Since Barb have to work very long most of the time, JJ and I have no many things to do after school. Also, there are no many place to go in Ipswich, the only way to go watch movies or do something else is to go out with schoolmates who can drive. So I asked some on my schoolmates to go out with me, one of my schoolmate, Mike, said he could take me and some more people to go bowling in Aberdeen. That was pretty nice because I never played blowing before, this was my first experience. Actually, this was my second time went out with Mike, we went watching movie last time with Hanna and Claudia.

My first time playing bowling

We planned to go Aberdeen at a weekday night, because Mike have to work not only most weekday nights but also weekend. There were total 4 people going this time, namely Mike, Hanna, Janna and me. Mike first picked me up at my house on 5 o’clock, and we picked Janna up in Mina, a town which is between Ipswich and Aberdeen. Her house is next to the lake, the view is gorgeous!

We then had supper at Taco Jones, it is a Mexican taco fast food restaurant. It was my first time eating at Taco Jones, I like it very much. After supper, we then head to the bowling alley in Aberdeen. Since it was a weekday night, there were no many people in the bowling alley. I chose the bowling shoe that could fit my feet, and Mike was so nice that he said he wanted to pay for the game for us. We chose the last fairway because we are all not good at bowling. Actually, I never played before! This was my first time.

Taco Jones!

Beautiful afternoon~

I then pick a ball that the color looks good, but Mike told me not only to choose the style of the ball, but also the weight and the depth of the holes for fingers. I thought all balls are heavy! It is very different from the game on Wii! But guess what, my first game score was not bad, I was even better than my schoolmates. But I remember there was one time that I dropped the ball when I was waving my arm to the back, everybody and I just keep laughing. We played many games, but I only won the first game, that was pretty strange...

In conclusion, my first experience on playing bowling was awesome! It had a lot of fun. I enjoyed it very much. Here are some pictures:

The bowling shoe~


It's me!

The score board

I dropped the ball, that was funny...


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