23 November 2013

Visiting the elevator where Barb works

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Wow. It has been few weeks that I did not post. There was nothing special that worth to post these day, but today, after the home visiting with my local representative, Heidi, Barb took JJ and me to the places she works. The company that Barb works is called "South Dakota Wheat Growers", it has many locations, Barb works at the one in Roscoe. Roscoe is a town that is 15 miles west from Ipswich, it has only 300 people. The view was very beautiful on the drive to Roscoe, I even saw lots of birds flying home!

Barb and me were on the top of the elevator.

On the way to Roscoe

Lots of birds!

Arrived the "Wheat Growers - Roscoe"!

The elevator

Since the elevator is very big, plus the land is very flat, we can clearly see the elevator on the highway. The elevator is the place where all trucks and trains dump the corns, It is around 140 feet high. To enter the elevator and all the fields, we have to scan the digital ID card first. I was surprised that it is all work by computer! We then stop the vehicle under the huge elevator and enter the control center at the first floor. Looking up the elevator from the ground is so spectacular, just like the scene in the movie. The control center is very small, it is different from what I imagined. There were some workers in that control center, we can see the trucks dumping the corns outside from the window. One of the monitor in the control center is huge, Barb said everything is controlled with that computer, and other monitors are linked to the camera outside.

This is where all trucks line up and dump the corns.

The elevator

It is the control center inside that door.

In the control center. The biggest screen can control the whole elevator.

Control everything on this screen.

Barb then took us to the top of the elevator building. We put the helmet up and took the engineering elevator up there, the elevator is so small, and I felt a bit scared because it is not very stable. Although the elevator was very slow, we arrived soon. By the time I pushed out the door, I was so surprised, the view was so beautiful, I can't believe my eyes! From the top of the elevator building, I can get a bird's-eye view of everything on the ground, from the corns pile out of the field to all the machines, the scene was unbelievable. And thanks to the afternoon sunshine, all of the field were golden colored, it was gorgeous! But it was very cold up there, the temperature was zero degree in Fahrenheit (-17 in Celsius), plus the wind blowing, it was freezing!! So we quickly took some pictures and went back down to the control center.

Video - Going on the elevator

One the top of the elevator!

Looking down, the view was gorgeous! 

Barb and me!

The huge corns pile out of the field.

Video - Going down the elevator

We then went see how trucks dump the corns. It was just out of the control center. The truck door opened, and all corns came out. The corns went down from the floor and sent in to the elevator to continued to process. Barb said, there was one day that had more them 470 trucks, lined up and dumped the corns one by one, it would take very long time, so that is why Barb always came home very late. Barb then went check whether all door were locked, and  took us to see the place where she will also work. If trains come (to dump corns), she will need to stay here and manage all trains to make sure nothing happens.

Video - Dumping Corns

Video - Looking out from the control center

The truck was dumping corns, lots of corns!

The control center of trains.

Barb will be working here if the train comes.

After seeing many cool things, it was time to go back to town. Barb said that today's work was pretty easy, it was usually busier.

Leaving the elevator.

All workers in Wheat Growers Roscoe


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