03 November 2013

The Homecoming Week

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(The content of this post happened on 13 Sept, 2013 CDT)

One of the most important activity in America's high school each year, is Homecoming. According to Wikipedia, homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school, it includes activities such as sports, culture events, and a parade through the streets of the town. Of course, Ipswich High School have homecoming, too. We have a whole "homecoming week", during this week, we have activities in SRP hour (after lunch) everyday, and all-day activity on Friday.

Exchange students on the float of homecoming parade

Activities during SRP

On Monday to Thursday, we had activity on SRP everyday. We play interesting games such as guessing music and the musical chairs game. I was interesting and exciting, all students were enjoyed with it. But the real big things was on Friday. When I arrived school on Friday, teacher brought all students together to the gym after the morning announcement, we played a interesting game. That was, boys should play girl volley ball, and girls should play football.

Activities during SRP



 Musical chairs game

The boys' volleyball were not as good as girls, we missed the ball very often. Since I do not like sports, and my volleyball skills are awful, I joined only one time and I quitted. Girls' football skill were not good, either. They could not catch the ball very well and run not fast. Although the boys and girls were both not good at the sports that we don't play, but because of this, we really have fun.

Boys were playing volley ball

Middle school stdents

Girls playing football


The lunch was pizza and drinks. We had them at the Mrs. Ullrich's classroom. It was so delicious, and all students were chatting and having fun, I really had a good time.

Playing~ Haha

After lunch, is the homecoming parade time. All grades had to design their own float, some were designed as a classroom, some were designed as a volleyball court, it was interesting watching all the creative float. But I did not need to design the float, because other exchange students and I had our own float. Some seniors had helped us designing our float for us, we (Tanja, Nanna, JJ, Claudia and me) had to sit on a pickup truck, it was not very special, but there were our name and country on it, so all people on the road would know where we are from and our name.

The float which was designed as a classroom

Our exchange students' float

Phil // Lee Ming Kuo // Taiwan!

There were many float on the parade, one followed the other slowly driving around the town, our exchange student float were followed by school band's float. It was very fun that afternoon, all kids and parents were standing along the road watching floats. The only things we had to do on our float was to wave and throw candies to kids, it was pretty funny watching all kids garbing candies. Sometimes, they were too far from us, so candies were dropped on the road, but kids still running around and grab all of the candies, they are really cute.

JJ, Nanna, Tanja, Claudia and me on out float


On the main street

School band's float

Sometimes, Google+ Auto Awesome pictures are really awesome :D

Me, looks stupid hahaha


Me, Tanja and Claudia

After the parade, we get out from school earlier than usual. Claudia, her host sisiter, JJ and me had subway for supper. This was my first time having subway in America, it taste almost the same with the subway in Taiwan, but it has one more cookie! :) Since the weather was very nice, we had supper at outside of our house.

Sub Way, Eat "fresh"

After supper, it was time for the football game. The football game was the most important thing of the whole homecoming week, and since the game was held in Ipswich, many students had come and cheer for our team. This was my first time watching football game, so i was pretty excited. There were many people in the game, and there had a small vendors selling drinks and snacks. We sat on the top of the seats, because there were full of people. Those player looks very strong, plus their football costume, it looks handsome! We met some exchange students who is not living in Ipswich or Aberdeen during the game time, they are here because of their school's team.

The game was very long, so Tanja, Claudia and me walked around the football court during the game time. Tanja taught us some Serbian, which is her language. It is so cool that I felt every word is the same, but they can understand what is other people talking about. I already forgot those Serbian words now.

Tanja and Claudia

After football game, there were a dance party at school. I of course had join, and I enjoyed it alot. Although there had no many people, it still was really fun, everybody were playing and dancing. But JJ did not like it, so he just sat on the corner till the party ended. The party ended at 12 o'clock at midnight, and we got home at 12:30. It was really a crazy night! The homecoming week was very fun. Everyday has cool, new things happen. I hope that Taiwan also have homecoming!

The no-many-people crazy party :)


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