17 November 2013

Photos of My Daily Life in School So Far

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It has been almost 3 months since the school started, but I never shared my daily life in school except homecoming week. Actually, the school here is very different from the school in Taiwan. Like the school activities and the school lunch, and the relationship between teachers and students, we are just like friends.

Government class~

Here are some pictures that I took in class, I will write the description under each photo.

The construction of the new school building.

This will be the theater of the school.

This picture was taken on the corner of library hall.

This is Mrs. Ullrich's science classroom.

My poster! - "Living things evolve"

My poster! - "No horse play"

My poster! - "Plant cell" (The middle one)

We were using iPad on the U.S. Government class. There were so many iPad in school, even a person an iPad, there still had many iPad left!

In the U.S. Government class

I was using iPad researching the information of "Democratic party's opinions on gun control", and write it to an essay.

Everybody were playing with camera...why??? haha

Many function were blocked on the school iPad... (Because of this)

Lots of iPad + Macbook Pro + Server(?)...

I love designing. I print my design works with school's laser printer, I also asked teacher for better paper (for printing). These prints are beautiful, whether color or resolution!

Some questions in the assignments are hard, but thanks to Google and Wikipedia, I can learn better and faster. Sometimes, I will Google the whole question, it was so unbelievable that I even did not need to click the links, Google showed the answer I want  directly on the search results.

I love the school lunch very very much here! It is delicious and tasty everyday, it is way way much better than the school lunch in Taiwan!!!!!! 

We have different menu for lunch every day, like today, we have French fries and beef burger.

Lining up for lunch.

Mrs. Ullrich's science classroom in morning. Some of my schoolmates came early and play cards game.

The hallway on the second floor.

My locker. No many things~

Speech Class~

Mike and me XDXD

The math classroom

Ipswich Tiger. TIGER POWER!

History and Government classroom

Every person made a poster of one of the 27 Amendments of Constitution in Government class. Mine is the 9th Amendment, the middle one with orange title.

We were doing experiments on the science class.

Since there has no lock on our "locker", everyone can open it. Someone stuck a note in my locker. It was the invention of her birthday party. But unfortunately, since no one could drive JJ and me to Aberdeen, we were not be able to go :(

Government class

School hall, also the dining hall.

Food, Food, Food!! Kevin ate three bowls of salad for lunch...

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  1. Your life in school seems wonderful!!
    and there's no lock on locker!! that's funny