11 November 2013

Veterans Day & Some more photos around Ipswich

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One of the photos around Ipswich.

Before sharing photos around Ipswich, I want to share some photos about the activity in school today. Since today was 11 Nov, 2013, it was the Veterans Day in America. According to Wikipedia, Veterans Day is an official United States holiday that honors people who have served in armed service, also known as veterans. All school students, include middle and elementary school students, all gathered in the gym this afternoon and listened to a speech. Today was pretty special to me, because we do not celebrate Veterans Day in Taiwan.

Vocal students were singing memorial music

I do know that I have posted many photos around Ipswich before, but since I do not have any thing to post these day, I decide to share more photos. When I walked out from school after the tutoring after school, I was surprised that the weather was so nice. It was cold, but the scenery was beautiful with the sunshine. I can even saw the moon in the the blue sky. I took many pictures when I walk home today, they are all original pictures that taken with my HTC J smartphone, absolutely no editing! Enjoy~

In the house

Outside of my house

Look out from the house

The house with the moon


The ISB Bank~

In the post office

The post office that JJ or me go everyday


-- Road Closed --

My school

The design of the new school building~

This is the interior design of the new school building (with the old buildings). Looks so cool and big, I am so looking forward seeing it, but I may leave America before it finish :(

This picture was taken when I was walking to school in the morning, since it was Veterans Day today, there were some America flags hanging around the town.