02 November 2013

Experience of America's Chinese Restaurant

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 (The content of this post happened on 22 Sept, 2013 CDT)

September 22, I have been here for a month and some more days. Today, we went Aberdeen to bought some groceries, then, we have lunch in Aberdeen. But lunch today was special, because it was Chinese food! I had been two months did not eat Chinese food, so I was pretty excited. There are 3 Chinese restaurant in Aberdeen, we went to the one which is on Main Street. It is a buffet restaurant, we can choose what whatever we want.

It's Chinese restaurant!

By the time we went into the restaurant, I felt strange because all of the waiters and chefs are Chinese. There are many traditional Chinese decoration on the wall such as new year couplets and lanterns, feels just like the restaurant in "China town" in the movies. The waiter soon came and serve us, since I heard she has very "Chinese" accent and talk very slow, I thought her English skill seems not very good. She asked me where am I from, I told her I am from Taiwan and I am here as an exchange student. She then asked what language do Taiwanese speak, I think maybe she is from mainland China, because of the question she asked and her accent.

There were all kinds of Chinese food to choose from, such as Kung Pao chicken (Chinese: 宫保雞丁), Sweet and Sour Ribs (Chinese: 糖醋排骨), and Fried noodles (Chinese: 炒麵). Of course, the white rice is indispensable. Since I want to show Barb how to use chopstick, I asked waiter for a pair of chopstick, she took it from the counter, I think the reason they did not put chopsticks together with fork and spoon was because only very very few American know how to use chopstick. I remember by the moment I took out the chopstick, I almost forgot how to use, because it has been too long that I did not use it. :)  JJ also know how to use, but Barb do not. Barb said it is so cool that we can use "sticks" to pick the food and eat!

Chinese food :)

I tried almost every food in the restaurant, It was so delicious. I did not like Chinese food before, but now actually I think Chinese food are not bad, too. The food in Chinese restaurant are not really the same with the Chinese food that I ate in Taiwan, everything is sweeter here. And I also discovered that they use only very few kinds of vegetables, like broccoli, carrot, and beans, but the real Chinese food have more kinds, I think is because it is harder for them to get it here. I think drinks is must-have thing for American's every meal, even in Chinese restaurant, they ask us to order drinks, but we do not always have soft drinks with lunch or supper in Taiwan. And there was no soup in this restaurant.


By the way, these Chinese words were written for no reason...

"六塊六十九毛 (Liù kuài liùshíjiǔ máo)", the clerk said when we are being checkout at the counter. It is a Chinese sentence, which means 6 bucks 69 cents. Since there has no many chances for me to speak Chinese in America, I felt strange~ Haha. She then gave me an fortune cookie, it is kind of crisp cookie with a "fortune" wrapped inside. It is so weird that my first time tasting this "Chinese" cookie was in America, not Taiwan.

At the counter

Fortune cookie


  1. remember to learn how to cook~
    then you can have chinese food whenever you want :)