28 November 2013

Last Day in Ipswich High School

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Since my host mom, Barb, works very long time, and my only roommate, JJ, went to school to play sports every night, I am boring and at home along most of the time. And most of the time I also have to make supper myself, but I am not good at making foods, so I consider to change a host family. Two and half months ago, I asked my agency for help, and I got an notice these days that my host family would be in San Diego, California. They are my dad's host family's daughter, my dad was studying in USA 20 years ago, too. My dad's host dad, Paul, is very nice. He know that I do not have new host family to go now, so he asked his daughter, Karen, and she said that I can stay at their house. It is so unbelievable that 20 years later, I am going to stay at the same host family with my dad!

The surprise party on my digital photography class. 

The day I am moving is November 30th, 2013. And my last day at Ipswich High School is November 26th. I had made many friends here in school, people here are really nice, they all like me very much and always helping me, I feel reluctant to leave them, but I already made the choice to go California, so we can only say good bye. Most of the people has Facebook account, so we can also keep in touch on Facebook. On my last few days in school, I decide to give my schoolmates and teachers some small gifts from Taiwan. I brought many small key chains, some bigger Taiwan gifts, and some tea from Taiwan. Since there have many people, I wrote a list to check whether all people get my gifts.

I gave all sophomore, junior, and teachers gifts. All people that got the gifts were so happy, I think they like it very much because there has some Chinese words on the key chain, and they think our characters are beautiful. They all keep saying thank you, and our school counselor and Mike even hugged me. I hope all of my friends can still keep in touch with me on internet. The gifts I gave teachers are different from the gifts for schoolmates, there were Taipei 101 on the key chain I gave to teachers, I told them it used to be the highest building in the world. Some teacher asked me where am I going, when I answered "California", they all said the same things: "There have more fun things to experience, but there has no snow" Haha~

Some teachers already know that I am leaving held a small "good bye party" for me. My art teacher, Ms. Scimitz, prepared some hot chocolate and cookie on digital photography class, and all classmates yelled "Surprise" when I came in. The teacher in library, Mrs. Burgod, made some cupcakes on my study hall hour. They are really nice, and I thanks them so much! One of my favorite teacher, Mrs. Kulesa, ask all students to sign the t-shirt for me. It was a very special gift, I will keep it forever! These days were very special and unforgettable, I hope I can visit Ipswich again 20 years later! :)

Taking a picture with Mrs. Kulesa!

The gift and card that I prepared for Mrs. Kulesa

The cupcake that Mrs. Burgod made

My study hall hour

Last math class :(

The surprise party on digital photography class, it was so sweet!

This is the coolest t-shirt I have ever got!