04 December 2013

From Aberdeen to San Diego

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Saturday, November 30th was my last day staying in Ipswich with Barb and JJ. My airplane was at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and Styles had a party on 2 o'clock, it was a very busy day. I finished packing my package before Saturday, and I went shopping with schoolmates on Black Friday, I bought an iPad Air on Black Friday, since it had a really good discount.

Looking out from the window on the plane to Minneapolis

Very soon, it is already Saturday, my last day staying in South Dakota. We woke up and had breakfast as usual, after the last-time checking of my package, we then head to Aberdeen to help decorating Styles' party. This was my last time pass through the door of Barb's house, I of course feel very sad that I have to leave Ipswich, to leave Barb, and to leave JJ. But at the same time I also feel exciting and nervous, because I am going on a trip myself to California, and I do not know what would happen! The view of the great plains on the way to Aberdeen was special beautiful that day, maybe I would never see this view again, but It will always be in my memory. I still remembered the day I first arrived Aberdeen, I was looking at the same scenery, the great plains, but now I am leaving.

Last night in my room in Ipswich

Fly Delta app

A very small gift and cards to Barb to say thank you.

JJ was helping me taking out the packages.

Bye, my room!

One the way to Aberdeen

drawing on iPad app - Paper

Styles party was held in a fast food store, by the time we arrived, Tommy, her dad and Styles were already there. Since I have many packages to bring on Saturday, I gave Styles his birthday gifts before the party, and I gave him the Card on Saturday. It was very busy before party, from decorate the room to furnish foods, there were bunch of things to do, so Tommy's mood was not very good. It was so sad that I did not have a chance to say good bye to Tommy and Spencer before I leave.

Styles' party

Barb, JJ and me soon headed to the Aberdeen Regional Airport to check-in my packages and have the ticket printed. Every step was going well which is very good, but it also means, it's time to say good bye. Barb and JJ waited with me at the airport for around 20 minutes, but they have to come back to Styles' party to help decorating, so they cannot wait too long. I asked someone in airport to take picture of me with Barb and JJ, then, it is really time to leave. I told Barb that I truly appreciate these 3 months of taking care of me, and Barb said we have to keep in touch on Facebook, she will share the picture of mid-winter in Ipswich to me, because I do not have chance to experience. I can barely see that Barb had a bit cried, and so did I. I hugged Barb and JJ, and walked into the departure gate, I waved to them again. My mood at that time is really hard to describe, I felt really sad, but I also felt nervous and excited.

Me // Barb // JJ

Me // JJ

Me // Barb

Then, after the hand-luggage check, I waited in the lounges for the plane to come. It was not boring, since I can play with my new toy - iPad Air. Everything were done by myself this trip, from check-in to transit, no classmate, no parents, no helper. So it was kind of challenge of me. The good thing is, the process was going pretty well. Because of the transit of the planes, I have to wait in Minneapolis airport for 3 hours. After getting off from the plane to Minneapolis, I saw the screen and found out that my boarding gate to San Diego was in section G, but I got off in section C, so I have to walk whole across the huge Minneapolis airport which is a good thing and a bad thing,  because I can look around the whole airport, but it was a tired job. I bought a meal from McDonald between gates as my supper, there were so many people there that I waited 10 minutes for a meal.

I then sit in the waiting area of the boarding gate and use iPad to kill time. I planned to look around the airport, but since there were many people that night and I was very tired due to the time difference, I did not do so. There are many free iPad to use in the waiting area, but since I just bought one, I of course used my own one. After waiting for a while, I saw there were more and more people coming in the waiting area, just like what I thought, the staff broadcast that the plane before mine was delayed. But fortunately, the plane I took was not delayed, we even arrived San Diego 20 minutes earlier.

The plane flies through the downtown San Diego before landing, it was so cool that I felt like I just pass through all high buildings. My new host family's host dad, Mr. Jason, came to the airport and pick me up. On the way to my new home, I was so excited, "I am in California! I place that I always want to go!" I said.


Waiting room in Aberdeen

Aberdeen airport is a super small airport

Super small airplane

Bye, Aberdeen, South Dakota

One plane

Arrived Minneapolis!

Minneapolis airport

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

My seat is next to the emergency door on the plane to San Diego, so it is pretty big

WiFi on plane. Wait...paid service? ...

Fly though downtown

Arrived San Diego

This trip was very smooth, nothing special happened, I arrived San Diego safely. I of course did not forget to tell Barb that I arrived safely at the first time.


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