07 December 2013

First day in San Diego Del Norte High School

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My new school in San Diego is called Del Norte High School. Del Norte High School is a public high school located in 4S Ranch of San Diego, the school was founded in 2009, it is a very new school, and it is big. The school campus included all kinds of classroom, from art room to Mac lab, and a huge library, all kinds of sports ground (included swimming pool), and a big plaza surrounded by all buildings.

the main entrance

Me in front of the school

My new host dad, Jason, took me to school to sign in and choose classes on Monday. The school hour is different everyday, Tuesday is a late start day, which means the school started later than usual. There are only 5 classes per day, and each class is 70 minutes. It is much longer than Ipswich. I chose World History, Algebra 4, English 1, E.L.D. class, and a very special class, 3D Animation class. Actually, I do not really want to take E.L.D. class, it is a class that helps non-English speakers (students) learn better, but due to my limited time in US, I want to take some more special classes such as 3D animation. I have asked counselor to change me to other class on Tuesday, but they decide to have me take a evaluation quiz to test my English skill, I will finish the quiz tomorrow, and hopefully the result can come out on Monday.

Let's talk about my experience in Del Norte so far, first, are classes. First period I have E.L.D. class, just like I said, although the teacher and classmates are very  nice, but I do not want to take this class. In second period I have 3D computer animation class, the classroom is Mac Lab, which means all computers are Apple Macintosh computer. I was pretty excited when I first came in this classroom, because Mac is much better than Windows, that's for sure. The software we use is called Blender, it is a free 3D modal making software, the control panel of Blender is very complicated, but after taking these 4 days of classes, I can understand much better. My third period class is world history class, the teacher is a black man, he talks very fast, and his accent is just like one of my favorite talk show actor - Kevin Hart, a very "black guy" accent, it is very interesting. Since it was just my first few days here, I have not really understand what this class is teaching. The fourth period class is Algebra 4, I chose the hardest one since the math here is really easy. Because I missed almost 2 week in this trimester in Del Norte, I have to study harder to catch them. My last period class is English 1 (freshman class). Although it is a freshman class, it is still a bit hard for me, plus there are many students in this class, I am trying to change it (Maybe keep this class but change to another period).

ELD class classroom

English class classroom

My schedule

School bell schedules

Del Norte is a pretty special school, unlike other high schools in US, its campus are open, and big. Del Norte's campus is circle-shape, the middle of the campus is where all students chill with friends and have lunch. There are four small vendor selling food around the campus, and a main dining hall, but they all only sell foods, there is no place to sit, students all sit on the grass or parapets to eat.  And there is no locker in this high school, students have to carry our own stuff with ourself.

Looking to the school

The school campus is so big that it even need a golf cart. (There are many cart in school)

The school campus

This is where we have lunch and chil

Classroom building


The hallway with roof


Swimming pool!


In conclusion, I like this school pretty much, but I have not make many friend yet, only a boy from Finland and Korea. I hope I will make many friends!


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