25 December 2013

The San Diego Harbor Boat Tours in Downtown

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(The content of this post happened on Dec 23rd, 2013 PST)

Today was uncle Paul's second day in San Diego, he said that he want to take boys and me to many places and good restaurants in San Diego during the break, so I was excited everyday morning, waiting for new experiences. Our plan today was to go to the Downtown San Diego and take a harbor boat tour.

The view on the boat of the harbor tour.

Before we leave, uncle Paul took boys and me to the library. Reading newspaper every morning is his habit, I think it is very good. This was my first time visiting library in 4S, nothing too special, just like the library in Taiwan. But except English books and newspapers, I also found Chinese books and newspapers, since I am in California, there is nothing to fuss. Reading Chinese newspaper, World Journal (世界日報), makes me feel strange, because it is just like Taiwan's news paper, language, font, color, everything is the same.

Isn't that interesting?

We left home at about 11 o'clock, our first stop was a restaurant called "Claim Jumper". It is a Southern-style restaurant which is not far from home. Uncle Paul and me both love the decoration in the restaurant, eating in Claim Jumper feels just like being in the California Gold Rush era. I ordered a pasta, their food are very good. Boys said their lemonade taste different, too. Unfortunately, when the waiter was serving drinks to boys, two glasses of lemonade on her plate just filled on Ethan. But fortunately, no one was hurt.

Claim Jumper - The Southern-style restaurant 



We then headed to downtown. Driving from 4S Ranch (where we live) to downtown takes about half an hour, the weather today was pretty good, actually it was a bit hot, but at the same time, I think it was snowing heavily in Ipswich. San Diego is a good place to live, not too cold in Winter, and not too hot in Summer, just perfect. When we arrived downtown, uncle Paul showed me some important places that all people in San Diego must know, such as San Diego zoo. He also showed me his apartment when he lived in San Diego. We drove through the buildings in downtown, I was very excited, since I never look at downtown this close. Most of the buildings are business buildings, but there are also many hotels, and there have many nice restaurants located under the buildings.

On the highway

The restaurant which my dad always tells me

Beautiful apartment in downtown

Finally, we arrived the San Diego Bay. The first thing I saw was the USS midway, it is not serving anymore, it is now a museum. This aircraft carrier is huge, uncle Paul said it was built finished after WW2. But unfortunately, we did not go in since we don't have enough time. Our plan today was to take the San Diego harbor boat tour. We walked along the bay when we were waiting to board, the view of all the downtown buildings are so beautiful. I saw many different boats were docked, such as sailboat, small cruise, and a submarine! They are really cool!

The USS Midway

The San Diego harbor boat tour took about an hour, we departure from San Diego Bay, travel around, and came back to same place. The boat we took has 2 stories, it is not super big, but it is very nice. There was a tourist guide to explain about everything we saw, It was kinda nice since many tourists might not know many things about San Diego. The harbor tour was very interesting, I saw many things that can not be seen on the ground, such as sea lions yelling and birds chasing the boat. I captured those moments with the camera, please take a look of the pictures below.

Ethan // Me // Brennan

The pretty small restaurant on the bay

See that submarine behind the boat?

Ethan // Brennan // Uncle Paul 
I love this picture!

The bird!

The bar in thee boat

Leaving the bay. You can clearly see the USS midway

Downtown San Diego

This bird was follow the boat!

The beautiful San Diego bay

Sea lions!

We're back!

When we were heading back to home, I took many close-up pictures of the birds, it seemed they don't afraid of people! I had a really good day!

"Get out of my way! It's my food!"

The bird was trying to open clam shells, he keep dropping it on the ground, but it's still not opened...

Heading back to home!


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