30 December 2013

Science Center & The Prado at Balboa Park

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(The content of this post happened on Dec 24th, 2013 PST)

Our plan today was to go to the San Diego Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, it is a science museum and planetarium in Balboa Park, there is also a IMAX theater in it. We did not watch the movie because the first movie of that day started at noon, and that was way too late, we had Christmas eve church service to go at afternoon. We went to their regular science gallery, it have many instrument that show science principles for both kids and adults. Although I have visited this kind of places many times in Taiwan, I still like it very much, I love to watch and understand how things work.

The Prado at Balboa Park

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center is just like other science museums, nothing too special. The only thing that attract my attention was the special exhibition about guitar, it has the biggest playable guitar in the world, but I think it was not working very well...

Reuben H. Fleet Science Center

World biggest playable guitar!

It's Mac OS 9...

About 11 o'clock, we went to a restaurant called The Prado, it is also located in Balboa Park. According to Tripadvisor, it is the 40th best restaurant in all 4 thousands restaurants in San Diego. We were pretty lucky because there were only few people when we walked in, but when we finished eating, the people were already lined up to outside of the restaurant. The decoration of restaurant are really pretty, both uncle Paul and me love it very much. In addition to eat indoor, The Prado also have outside area, I think it is both very nice.

The Prado is a high class restaurant, their service and food are both excellent. I ordered a turkey sandwich, the price is 13 dollars, but it was worth it. Their sandwich was like nothing I have ever tasted before, I like it very much, especially the berry jam in the sandwich, it is sweet, but taste so good. Some chips came with the sandwich, I could be wrong, but I think those chips were home-made, they are different than other chips, not too salty, just perfectly made. The Prado is absolutely a perfect must-eat restaurant.

The Pardo

The Menu

My sandwich

After lunch, we walked around the famous Balboa Park. Beautiful Spanish architecture, reflecting pools, museums and the world-famous San Diego Zoo are all located in Balboa Park. Walking in Baloba Park feels just like being in the 18th century in Europe, all the architecture are so beautiful and stunning, it is probably the best place to take wedding photos! Although It's already december, the weather in San Diego is still perfect everyday, I really enjoy walking in Balboa Park. People on internet always say Balboa Park in San Diego and NY's Central Park are the two best urban playgrounds in the country, that is totally true.

It's all in Balboa Park

Very beautiful hallway.

We got home before 2 o'clock. We took a nap, and headed to the church at about 4 o'clock. Since today was Christmas eve, the church in our neighborhoods, Maranatha Chapel, had a special service just for today.  There were super many people joining the Christmas Eve service in Church today, it was busy like a concert!

Maranatha Chapel

After supper, we open the gifts in the Christmas stockings. But the real big thing is tomorrow, the Christmas. I should better go to sleep earlier...

Christmas Stockings

Brennan // Ethan // Elisa

Uncle Paul // Me // Elisa

The nice gift for me that was made by Brennan.


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