21 December 2013

5 Days Before Xmas - Lights Decoration of Houses

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Time flies, it's December 20th already. I have been in America for more then 4 months. A very important day in America, Christmas, is coming soon. Today was my last day at school before the 10 days Christmas break, my school ends at 1 o'clock today. It can be seen, Christmas is a really important day to them. Some students in school wear Christmas costume or hat these days before break, and student restaurant offers "Christmas meal", that's really cool.

The Lights Decoration of Houses

At 3D animation class

School - break time

History class

English class

Today after school, we went to a fast food restaurant called IN-N-OUT to have dinner. Karen said that IN-N-OUT has really good food and it always has lots of people, but IN-N-OUT only open in some states, and it was started in Southern California. I believe I got there at 5:30, but both drive-thru and in store were already many people waiting, it is really popular. But their menu is very simple, only few choices to choose from, beef burger, cheese burger, and Duble-duble (cheese burger). I ordered the cheese burger combo, the price is not too bad, only 6 bucks. After waited for at least 15 minutes, I finally got my meal. The burger is just classic style, but it taste so good. I hope they can open more stores not only in more states but international.

IN-N-OUT Burgers

See that menu?

Classic style

We then went to a neighborhoods to see their lights decorations for Christmas. I think this neighborhoods is a well-known place for people to see "light shows", there were so many people when we visit, and people in this neighborhoods are going crazy decorating their house. Some houses are cover with lights, some survey food, some play music or video. It is hard to explain what I saw, but I do took many pictures with a good camera from school that is supposed to used for taking yearbook picture, "seeing is better than hearing", please take a look!

Look! One window up stair was playing video

Going crazy!


Merry Christmas!


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