24 December 2013

Shopping in the Mall & Uncle Paul's Arrival

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(The content of this post happened on Dec 22nd, 2013 PST)

On the second day of Christmas holidays, Mr. Paul Anderson arrived San Diego, and he was going to stay here for a week. Mr. Anderson is my host mom's dad, he was also my dad's host dad. Our relationship is very special, I will be in this family was because of his help. A month ago, I was in Ipswich finding a new host family, my dad asked Mr. Anderson for help, since Mr. Anderson is used to be my dad's host dad when my dad was studying in America's college, and they still keep in touch. Mr. Anderson is very nice, ha asked his daughter, Karen, if she would like to host me, and she agreed. So that is why I will be in here.

I always call Mr. Anderson "Uncle Paul", since every time when my dad is telling me his story in America, he always says "Uncle Paul". Uncle Paul live in Chico, a town in Northern California, a town which my dad used to study in. Because of his coming, we cleaned the house and went shopping at the mall.

Since I am in San Diego, the mall in here will be bigger than in South Dakota. Although it is just a mall, but to me, this was my first time visiting the REAL mall in America, so I took many pictures. This is also my first time visiting the real Apple Store, not a Apple authorized reseller. I love this store so much! We then went eat at a restaurant called Red Robin, it is a restaurant just like T.G.I. Fridays, their food are very good.

The Apple Store in the mall

The mall

The toy store in the mall

Some more stores in the mall

The huge Christmas tree and LED display

The train that drive around the mall

It's REAL Apple Store!

Look at these cool advertisement 

This was my first time visiting Genius Bar

There is an iPad next to each product to describe the function of product. 

The Red Robin restaurant

After lunch, we headed home to welcome for Uncle Paul's arrival. He arrived around 4 o'clock. I was very excited, because this was my second time to see him, the last time was 8 years ago, when he visited Taiwan. I told him that I am really appreciate for his help, without him, I would not be able to stay in this such a nice family.

Me // Uncle Paul // My sister // My dad in Taiwan, 8 years ago!

We have supper together. And we walk around the neighborhoods to see their pretty Christmas light decorations. After that, we watched a movie called "Pacific Rim" together. We really had a good time, today was such a wonderful day!


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