31 December 2013

First Time Experiencing American Christmas Day

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(The content of this post happened on Dec 25th, 2013 PST)

One of the most important holiday in America, Christmas, finally arrived. This year to me is very different, I first time experienced the real Christmas in America. From decorating Christmas tree 2 weeks ago, to opening the gifts under tree, I got lots of good memories here in San Diego. Our Christmas tree is super big, although many people would buy a real tree, but we still use a fake one. It is pretty good though.

Elisa got her gifts on Christmas day.

Today was the real BIG day of the year, the Christmas. I woke up earlier than usual today, because I don't want boys to wait for me, or they might not be able to open the gifts. We had a special breakfast today, my host dad, Jason, made some sausage and pancakes. Then, it's time to open the gifts!

We sit in a circle, facing each other, and one by one open the gifts. There were a lot of gifts under the tree, some of them are from my parents and me, too. We spent the whole morning opening the gifts, but it was fun. My host parents are really nice, they not only prepared gifts for their kids, they even prepared for me.  I got some special gifts about coca cola, the reason why I got these was because they know that I like to collect different cokes, that's really thoughtful!

Beside cokes, I also got some more different gifts. One of them was huge, but, well, actually it's not. Kids always got "Surprise", and this is definitely a surprise. After I opened the outermost box, there's a smaller box in it, and a smaller box, and a smaller box, in the smallest box, there is a iTunes giftcard in it. But actually I love it very much, because I can buy something that I really like with it.

I also got some gifts from uncle Paul, it's a lovely card and a gift card. I love it very much, it's very nice. Thanks to my host mom, host dad and uncle Paul, I had a awesome Christmas! I took some picture of the family opening the gifts, some of them are cute and funny, please take a look here.

Lots of gifts under tree...

It's all for Brennan!

Elisa's first gift!

All gifts for me! :)


It's a book about Christmas!

Jason was opening the gift from my parents and me.

A gift from Taiwan

Uncle Paul was opening the gift from Taiwan!

My HUGE gift

Well, not really Haha
But I really like it, it was my first iTunes Gift Card. I never got gift card before.

A card from uncle Paul.

Boys was opening the gift from Taiwan!

All of the gifts I got.

In afternoon, we go on the hill that is next to our house to test one of brennan's biggest gifts, bow and arrow. It is a real "bow and arrow", not a toy, it's very cool.

Pretty sky

My host dad, Jason, was teaching me how to shoot.

Playing with camera~

After all activities, it was dinner time. We had ham, salad and mashed potatoes as dinner. Today was a unforgettable and fantastic day, and my first Christmas day!


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