06 November 2013

Random Pictures - Month 1~2

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It have been almost a month since I posted my first post of this blog on October 12th, 2013, and there are total 23 post so far, which means I post almost everyday, isn't that nice? I tried to spent some time to write post everyday, but since sometime I did not have that much time, I had some day did not post. And because my English skill is not very good, sometimes English grammar in my post might be wrong, but I am here to learn, I believe the incorrect grammar will be less and less.

I posted most of the post with many pictures and words. Sometimes, when small interesting things happened, I captured that moment,  but I might not be able to write that many words with a single photo. So now, I am going to share those "small interesting things" photos that I took in the past two months. Enjoy~

A dad and his son - in Minneapolis airport

Preparing pineapple cake from Taiwan to Barb

A cute bird on the grass

Barb and JJ

JJ was playing his soccer ball

Twin Dragon Chinese Restaurant - I never eaten there till now

Styles :)

A cool restaurant in Aberdeeen

Some gifts for us from Tommy's work. Thanks, Tommy!

Making instant noodle from Taiwan for Barb, Spencer and JJ. They like them very much :) 

Sitting behind the truck with JJ

Playing with Styles

There was one day that I was sick. This photo was taken for sending to my mom, I was asking her what medicine to eat.

Pushing out all of the falling leaves

My schoolmate, Dustin. This photo was taken in the digital photography class.

My schoolmate, Kevin.

All digital photography class' students went out and took picture of town, then they saw Kevin's cat...

We took pictures in the park


One day, when JJ was vacuuming, his earphone were being sucked. We were trying to take it out. It was so funny that Barb and me could not stop laughing!

A theater on Main Street in Aberdeen, SD.

Met all South Dakota's exchange students from Taiwan on Forte's meeting. Facebook link

Barb, her sister, JJ and the dog :)

Spencer's dad's new motorcycle!

JJ was dyeing his hair

The new version of my favorite game series, GTA 5 released! 

I went to Aberdeen with Justice, and I went GameStop with him to buy GTA5. But the staff said that we are too young to buy. So I asked for the poster, then she gave me for free! Love these posters so much!!

Claudia was making supper for JJ and me...

Using Mac in the... park, with trains...

Yeah!!! First time playing GTA 5! Since Justice brought his PS3 to our house, I could try the new version of my favorite game, GTA. 

The paper in fortune cookie are teaching Chinese!

I wrote some cards to my teachers in Taiwan on the teacher's day. 

Beautiful night

I bought this special edition of GTA 5 map on eBay! Haha

One of my schoolmate brought her sister to school for her persuasive demonstration speech, the title was "how to change baby's clothes". How cute!


JJ was playing with Styles! That was crazy XD

I was holding a football!

We went Aberdeen to watch Styles' BMX race.

The weather was not very good that morning~

Since there were a band playing at the bar, Barb told JJ and me to go. We went there with Justice, and we met our schoolmates who is working there! It was Sydney and Ashley .

Went watching movie with Mike, Hanna and Claudia

Barb showed us her hunting guns and ammunition. That is cool!


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