14 November 2013

Making supper with JJ ourself

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Barb works very long time this season, sometime she even came home at 12 o'clock. Because of this, JJ and me have to make supper our-self most of the time. Two weeks before, we ate microwave food most of the time, but now, we find some ways that we can eat healthier. Such as making egg, pizza and Korean pancake.

Making the Korean pancake

Three days before, JJ made a "Korean pancake" himself with the powder he brought, he also bought some soy sauce for it. The pancake taste really good, it was similar to the Taiwanese pancake. Although JJ said that he did not have enough vegetable to make the pancake as the original Korean style, it still taste really good. When I was in Taiwan before, I did not like most of Asia's foods, I love only American or Italian food. But now, I want to eat Chinese food so much, even the food I did not like before! Probably is because it had been too long that I did not eat my hometown's food.

JJ was making the Korean pancake

I also tried to make some foods myself the other day, although it is kinda funny, but since it was real, I still want to write it in my blog. That was, I tried to fry eggs. Yes, only fried eggs. Actually, I knew how to do it when I was in first grade, and that was probably the only food I can make except instant noodle and microwave food. Guess what? The eggs that I made was pretty successful, it taste very good! I ate four eggs that night!

The eggs I made, with salsa!

And this night, we went to the supermarket that is in gas station, Ken's, and bought some ready-made pizza and bake it our-self as supper. We went there on foot although it was cold outside, my coats can keep me warm. Our original plan was to buy only pizzas, but we got lots of things back since we found somethings on sale. It was so unbelievable that JJ's (and mine) favorite drink, Mountain Dew, was on a big sale, the price was 1.99 bucks per bottle, but it is 5 for 5 now. So it goes without saying, he bought 5 bottles of 2L Mountain Dew. He was lucky that he got the last 5 bottles. But carrying those big bottles back was tired!

Lots of bags...

JJ and my schoolmate, Landon. Landon is working at Ken's, he took the last five Mountain Dew for us.


We saw Mike and Frank serving in Subway from the window. Spy Camera~ XD

We then bake the pizzas we bought. Since we both did not know how to use the oven, the pizza was not baked very successful, some parts were still a bit cold. But that was a experience, and we learned how to use oven now. By making supper our-self, we can sometimes learn new things! :)


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