29 January 2014

Visiting San Diego Zoo Safari Park

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Today, January 26th, the weather in San Diego was still so perfect, not too cold, not too hot. So we decided to visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park today. According to Wikipedia, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, known as the San Diego Wild Animal Park, is an 1,800 acre zoo in the San Pasqual Valley area of San Diego. It is one of the largest tourist attractions in San Diego County. The safari park is different from the zoo that we visited few weeks ago, there are more wild animals here.

The parrot welcome us to visit San Diego Zoo Safari Park!

We could see the hot air balloon which is called "Balloon Safari" from outside of the zoo, it is a really good landmarks for people who couldn't find the zoo... Since we got to the zoo pretty early, there were only few people. With our San Diego Zoo Koala Club Membership, entering Safari Park are free for the whole year as well, which is really good! We first watched a parrot show, the trainer was showing us a big white parrot, it is so adorable and beautiful! Elisa then rode on a carousel, she really loves it.

Entering Safari Park!

Parrot show!

So beautiful!

A part of the Safari Park was currently under construction, they are building a new tiger section, I am so looking forward to seeing it, since I love big cats. We walked through the "tiger trail" and got on a hill. The view on the hill is awesome!

Before lunch, we went to see a animated interactive talking zebra, I thought it was pretty funny! We also luckily saw 2 baby leopard, they are so cute! The Safari park is very big, it is one of the biggest zoo in the world, so it is kinda tired to walk from place to place. But fortunately, I saw a tiger in "Tigers territory", which is one of my favorite animals. The bad thing is, I can only barely see them since it was too far away.

I took a lot of photos in the zoo, besides those animals I talked about, I also saw many others, they are all in the pictures. Please take a look:

The view on the top of the hill.

See that hot air balloon?


The baby leopard!

The animated interactive talking zebra!

A girl was dancing with the zebra since she asked "Can you dance?"

They were sleeping!

Me again!


Boys were asking question about animals.

Barely saw the tiger from far far away...

African grasslands

Male lion was sleeping.

My lunch!



  1. hey phil it's mallory! still looking on your page to see all your exciting places you go to! south dakota misses you! :(

  2. Hey Mallory!! Thank you for supporting my blog!! :))
    I miss you and other students and teachers in Ipswich, too! It's totally different here...