04 January 2014

Coastal Beauty of San Diego - La Jolla

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(The content of this post happened on Dec 27th, 2013 PST)

There are dozens of beautiful beaches in this Southern California coastal city, San Diego. From the shores of Del Mar to La Jolla Cove, all of them are the downtown's historic towns. On uncle Paul's last day in San Diego, we went to the famous La Jolla cove, it is a perfect place to spend the vacation. La Jolla is only a few minutes from downtown San Diego, but it is very quiet and nice.

The La Jolla Cove

We first arrived the Ellen Browning Scripps Park, it sits out on a tip of La Jolla, the views are just absolutely amazing. People can sit on the lawn watching the ocean with the California-classic palm trees, and have a picnic. We did not have picnic in the park, but I took lots of incredible, beautiful photos. The small cabanas along the park provide great views of the ocean, they are really nice. We can see the sea lions swimming or taking a rest on the rock, they are really cute. Besides sea lions, there were also some people swimming and surfing, if I have a chance, I will definitely want to swim in this one of the most beautiful places in the world.

We spent lots of time just looking around and enjoy the beautiful view. We are very lucky because the weather was nice, with the sea breeze, it was just perfect! We then walk to the street to find a restaurant and have lunch. There are many small gifts shops selling t-shirts and some souvenirs, I always have fun   getting around those stores, because actually, I am also a visitor!

Those California-classic palm trees make La Jolla even prettier!

Very beautiful beach

Sea lions

Ethan // Brennan

Me again!

Uncle Paul and me.

Gift shop

We had lunch in Smashburger, it is very nice because they not only serve good food, but have a good price in this tourist attractions. After eating, we just kinda walk around the La Jolla's streets and stores. There are all kinds of stores along the streets, from clothes stores, gifts shops, to bookstores. It is really nice even if we did not do any shopping.

We end up in a city library today, because uncle Paul really like to read and we could take a rest. We did not notice that it is so beautiful and gorgeous inside the library before we walked in, there are many fancy reading areas and many many books, looks just like the library in the historical movie. I love this library so much even if I don't like to read!

The city library

Reading areas

The decorations is so pretty that you can't even tell it's a "City Library"

Outside of the library

We got home at about 2 o'clock, but since it was uncle Paul's last day in San Diego, we went out and have dinner again, but this time, was with the whole family. The restaurant we ate in is called "California Pizza Kitchen", their food is really good, and they have all kinds of pizza flavors to choose from. I highly recommended this restaurant!


The pizza I ordered

It was sad that uncle Paul was going to leave in the next day morning, but the good thing is, we all had a good time these five days, thanks again, uncle Paul!


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