14 January 2014

Hiking Around Lake Poway

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(The content of this post happened on Jan 5th, 2014 PST)

We did a very healthy activity on the very last day of the Christmas break, we went hiking around the lake Poway in the morning. Poway is a city in San Diego County, it is not far from our neighborhoods (4S Ranch). Lake Poway is very beautiful, it is surrounded by hills, and there are trails around the lake for people to walk.

The weather was good that day, but I felt hot while I was walking. We spent one and half hours, hiked at least 3 miles. It was a really tired job since we were not always walking on a trail, the road is bumpy sometimes. It was a good activity though, I even saw some people riding horses!

After hiking, everybody felt so tired, we couldn't wait to have lunch!

The Lake Poway

Mountain Lion Country!!

Jason was carrying Elisa. It's so cute!

Feeding the ducks.


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