24 May 2014

Physics Class Trip at Knott's Berry Farm

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Every year, students of Del Norte High School’s Physics 2 class will have a chance to visit the amusement park, Knott's Berry Farm, as a physics class trip. Luckily, I am one of the students this year, and of course, I got to visit Knott's Berry Farm! The main reason of the visit is to "learn physics", yeah, "learn physics". Believe or not, we actually have to do worksheets after visiting, we have to calculate things related to physics of the ride, such as the velocity and acceleration of the roller coaster. But I still had lots of fun anyway.

One of the rides in Knott's Berry Farm: Xcellerator.

The date of our visit was the 20th of May, 2014, it is a Tuesday, which means that there will not be too many people visiting compare to weekends, it is really good. Also, because it is a full day trip, I didn't need to take classes all day, which is pretty exciting! Since Knott’s Berry Farm is located in Los Angeles area, the drive there will take about 2 and a half hour. We are taking buses there, the plan is to leave school at 8, however, for whatever reason we left at 8:40. The good things is that we still arrived on time just when the park opens. I have never visited Knott's before and are not planning to visit either, so this trip would be my only time visiting, I have to go on all the attractions!

After a one-and-half hour bus ride, we finally arrived the park. We could see all the crazy roller coaster rides from outside the park, I couldn't wait to get on all of them! Since I don't really know a lot of people in my physics class, I stay with one of my friends from Hong Kong, Terry Xia, most of the time. There are so many attractions and I want to get on all of them so bad, so we were literally always running. It’s hard to mention every rides I did here, so I am just going to post all the photos I took and I will write captions below it:

Getting ready at school!

The buses are here!

On the bus // with Mr. Hendricks, my physics teacher.

The view was so good! We were just right next to the ocean!

We could already see some attractions!

The ticket.

Yeah! Finally entering the park!

The first ride we planned to go on was a not-too-special ride called Sierra Sidewinder, but...

It broke down when we were just about to get on it...

So, we went to another accretion, the swinging boat ride called Dragon Swing. I was pretty fun Haha

This is a pretty popular ride called La Revolucion, however, I didn't go on it because I think it's a bit too crazy for me and I might not feel good sitting in it. 

We then went to another roller coaster ride called Jaguar. It was also not too special but still fun.

You can see though the track!

Let's go!

After that, we went to another coaster-type ride called Montezuma's Revenge, but only me actually went on it because Terry was scared. This ride was really awesome, it is very short, but really fast and has a giant Loop-De-Loop.

After those not-too-awesome rides, it's time to get on a real awesome one, the Silver Bullet. Again, instead of riding on this awesome roller coaster, my friend Terry decided to sit in front of the entrance and wait for me... Well, so this is a roller coaster where your feet are swinging, and this roller coaster is huge, tall, with lots of 360 degrees rotation, it was just awesome. I loved it so much that Immediately decided to go on it again after riding it.

Waiting in line..................................

The view up there at where we actually get on the ride.

Suspended roller coaster!

Let's go!!

The seats.

This ride was just awesome!

In the park.

The next ride I went on it was another roller coaster, but it's not that big, it's short and, of course, fast. Again, I went on this myself again since Terry was scared, I really hoped he can go with me, it's not that scary...

See that Loop-De-Loop!

The ride that I was really looking forward to going on it, the Xcellerator.

The next ride I went on was the "vertical ascending and descending amusement thrill ride" called supreme scream. I was actually a bit scared before I went on it, but it was actually really fun! The view on top of the ride is really great!

Finally, it's time for Xcellerator.

Since I chose to sit in the very front seat on basically every rides, I always have to wait a little bit longer, but it's definitely worth it!

See those crazy tracks!!! 


According to the Knott's official website: "XCELERATOR The Ride® hydraulically launches you off the line at an electrifying top speed of 82 mph in 2.3 seconds through an exhilarating 205-foot ascent and immediate descent at a 90-degree angle. And you thought playing back seat bingo at the local passion pit made your heart race! It's no sweat for the two trains, with a capacity of 20 people per train. This hopped up screamer is a 62-second blast from the past for everyone from ankle biters to Big Daddys!"

It was really crazy (and awesome!) Haha

The horse roller coaster.... It's kinda for kids though Haha

We headed to the "California Marketplace" and had some lunch. I had a box of 2 chickens with some biscuits and other sides.

Everything taste good when you're hungry.

I felt really upset when i notice that their only wooden roller coaster was closed. I have never ridden on a wooden roller coaster before and this was like my only opportunity but it was closed. Well, it's a really beautiful roller coaster.

After lunch, I decided to go on the classic roller coaster + my roller coaster again, the Silver Bullet. Second time riding it, still Awesome!!!!! 

We then went on the log flume water ride called Timber Mountain Log Ride, it is the ride which you will get wet. But the weather is hot anyway, who cares! :D

It's a really beautiful park filled with different colors!

The baby roller coaster: Coast Rider! Ha

See how colorful the park is!

Went on the Xcellerator again. I was just fun!

Heading back to school!

Today was awesome! I loved Knott's Berry Farm, and Physics XD

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