12 May 2014

Watching a Real MLB Baseball Game

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Time files. Unbelievably, it’s May already. In just about a month, my family are coming to visit and I am going back to my country, Taiwan. Since I don't have much time left in here, my host family wants to take me to as many cool places as possible. This weekend, we went watching a baseball game in San Diego Petco Baseball stadium, it was a real baseball game! I was very excited because I ever been to a real stadium to watch any kind of sport games.

Beautiful view in the stadium!

This week is kind of a busy week since Jason’s parents and his aunt Bev came visit. During the week they visited many tourist places in San Diego, and on Friday night, the whole family went to the restaurant “On The Border” to have a big dinner together, it was fun! Since both boys have soccer practice or soccer game every Saturday these weeks, we didn't too much things, but this week was their last soccer game of the season so Jason’s parents and I all went watching the game. It was a pretty exciting game, although Ethan’s team didn't win, but we all had fun, which is good! After getting back from boys’ soccer game, it’s time to get ready for the baseball game!

At boy's soccer game.

The game starts at 5:40 PM, and it’s held in Petco Park Stadium in Downtown San Diego. Since I don’t really like sports and I don't watch baseball on TV, I didn't know which teams are playing until we got there. So this game was San Diego Padres VS. Miami Marlins, well, I actually don’t know who they are, but it’s still fun to watch the game! Ha ha! The people are going to the game are Jason, his dad Mark, boys and me. We started heading to Downtown at about 5 o'clock, and arrived downtown half an hour after. We parked in a public parking lot near the stadium and walked there. By the time we got there, I think the game has already started, so we can hear lots of noises of people yelling and cheering, that make me feel really excited! After finding the correct entrance of the stadium, we finally entered the stadium but couldn't find our seat numbers. The stadium is so huge that really confused people where to go! While we were entering the park, there are some people hanging out the framed pictures of the “10 years anniversary of Petco Park”, it was really nice!

Public Parking lot. (It was really expensive though, it's like 25 dollars for one-time parking)

Almost there!

Entering the park.

When we were on our way to the seats, I saw lots of different restaurants in the stadium, some of the have the view of Downtown San Diego, some of them have view of the coronado bridge which is really nice, and some of them even have view of the actual baseball field! So people can be eating their nice foods (compared to hot dogs haha) and watching the game meanwhile, it was just awesome! I believe it will be very expensive, though. Also, there are many doors that needs card to enter, I didn't know what’s that for, but I soon found out that it’s private rooms for reserved guests. Since our seats seems to be on the third floor, we have to take take escalator to be able to get up there. This stadium is just… really big.

Heading to our seats.

In the stadium. It is just HUGE! American size! Hahaha

Finally, we found our seats and finally sits down. The view from our seats is pretty good, we are be able to see the whole field without any barrier. The next thing after we “finally” sit down was, you guessed it, to get some FOODS! Ha ha! Jason and Mark helped up to get some yummy and watching-baseball-must-have foods like Hot Dogs, Drinks, popcorn and peanuts. Those are all really good.

Finally here!



So many people!

My seat.

So beautiful, isn't it!

360 degrees photo. For more awesome 360 degrees I took, visit https://www.google.com/maps/views/profile/105971549907128038603

Hot dogs and drinks!

Then, it’s time to really enjoy the game. Sitting there watching the game are just like watching a giant 3D TV, it was really awesome. The stadium is just huge, I couldn't believe that I am really in a MLB baseball stadium! I believe that many of my friends are always wanting to watch a real baseball game just like this, I was really lucky! After watching the game for about half an hour, I stood up and walked around the other area of the stadium (and go to the restroom haha), the say was already dark, but all places in the stadium were still very bright. The view at night in the stadium was especially beautiful, please look at the pictures I took:

Besides hot dogs, peanuts are also a must-have food during game.

Wow! Just wow.

So many people!

The sky was getting darker and darker.

Me again!


In the stadium.

Looking down!

Want some beer? Haha

Nice shot haha!

360 degrees photo!

Looking out from the stadium.

Want some food?



Very soon, it’s about 8 o'clock already. Since we have to get home earlier so Jason can drive her aunt, Bev, to the airport, we decided to leave the stadium and start heading home. One thing about leaving earlier (before the game ends) is that there won't be really bad traffic in the downtown area. Although we couldn't enjoy the game and stay for the concert after the game, we still really enjoyed it. I think this was my first time walking in the downtown area at night. Downtown San Diego at night is very beautiful and make people feel safe, there were many bars and restaurant opened and we could hear loud music everywhere, but there wasn't any bad or homeless people walking around, which is really good in the urban city area.

Tonight was awesome, I finally experienced the American baseball game. It was a unforgettable night!


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