15 April 2014

Second time visiting San Diego Zoo

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Karen brought boys and me to visit San Diego last Saturday while Jason and Elisa went shopping in Costco and some other stores. This was my second time visiting the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Just like usual, there were lots of people in the zoo during our visit. I am just going to keep this post clean and short since there are actually not too many new things to show, if you are interested in reading my first visit to San Diego Zoo, please click here to read the post from 2 months ago.

2 polar bears in the zoo hugging each other.

After successfully entered the zoo, we first went to take Skyfari to get to the other side of the zoo. The view on Skyfari was awesome, we are able to see the whole zoo, the Balboa Park and the buildings in Downtown San Diego. The first animal we actually saw in the zoo during this visit was polar bears. For some reason, I didn't see polar bear during my last visit, well, at least I do now! There are 2 polar bears in the San Diego zoo, and they are living in the same area, they use the same pool and share toys with each other. With the big and clean glass, we could see how polar bears swim in the water, they were just so cute, they will also play with each other! Sometimes they will even hug each other.

Cute Polar Bear(s)!

We then walked to another area to see the 4D-Ice-Age movie. On the way there, we also saw some other animals, I can't remember each of them, but I did take some picture, so please take a look:

Some other animals.

The 4D-Ice-Age movie theater was very cool. It plays a Ice Age movie with 4D effects. We have to buy a separate ticket to get into the theater, although I don't think it’s really worth it, but it’s still pretty nice to sit down and kinda take a rest. The chairs in this 4D theater will not move, but you can feel the ground vibrating when something happens in the movie such as the rock falls down. Also, there sill be some smelling or water when, again, something happens in the movie. It was definitely a cool experience for boys.

The 4D theater for Ice Age movie.

In the 4D theater, it was very small.

After the movie, we walked to the “Africa” area to see some big cats. I really love those big cats such as tiger or leopard, I think they are so beautiful! And there are also some other animals that we saw while we were walking to there, most of them are not too special, but I do like to see some different kinds of birds, because they are so cute! (And the eagles are cool!)

A narrator was explaining things about dinosaurs.

Whoa! Be careful next time, Brennan! ha ha

Lions. Unfortunately they were sleeping.

So cute!

Cages for elephants. HUGE!

Beautiful bird!

We didn't take the bus during this visit.

So beautiful.

He has a dog as her best friend! How cute! 
(Well, what if one day she is hungry, and... the dog is just right there, amm, yum!)

We had lunch in a small dining place in the zoo. I ordered a cheeseburger with some fries, “everything taste good while you're hungry.” So don't ask me if they are good or not. Ha ha

Just a very, very basic cheeseburger.

We then walked around the zoo and see some more animals. And we left the zoo at about 1 or 2 o'clock, it is the time when all people started coming in and all animals starting to take a nap, and we are already leaving! How smart we are! Ha ha

How pretty!

How cute! Ha ha small monkey <3

This quick zoo trip was not the specialist trip but was definitely fun. I love seeing animals, especially BIG CATS!


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