11 April 2014

Beautiful Beaches and shops: Point Loma

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Time flies, today, April 10th, 2014, was already the fourth day of Spring break, also the penultimate day of Uncle Paul’s visit… Uncle Paul took me to many cool and new tourist places the past three days and also today, I love them all, and I really hope this week will never end so we can go even more places! Haha Fortunately, there is one more day tomorrow, the last day we can go out to somewhere together. The place we went to today was Point Loma, it is a seaside community within the city of San Diego. There are many beautiful beaches, nice restaurants, and fine shops in Point Loma, and of course, the best thing about going to Point Loma is that you can enjoy the fantastic view of Pacific Ocean and the California Coast.

A street in Point Loma.

Again, just like the past few days, we went to the coffee shop after taking boys to school, and as usual, we had a good time there. We started heading to Point Loma at about 9 o'clock, the weather was really nice in our neighborhood, however, the sky keeps getting foggier as we were getting closer to Point Loma. This actually happens a lot in San Diego since we are very close to the ocean, especially in beach towns such as Point Loma. The good thing is that it will start to burn off in about an hour, so we just have to wait for a while.

A actually had some yogurt before we go to the coffee shop.

Morning reading.

Started heading there!

Almost arrived Point Loma, but see those fog in front of us? (And yeah, there is Point Loma)

Since I have never visited this place and Uncle Paul’s last visit was in 30, 40 years ago, we don’t really know where to go. We first went to a place called “Dog Beach” while the sky was still foggy. (It’s just a random place we found since we really don’t know where to go. Haha) I think this area is a bit “country side” of San Diego, all the houses here are pretty small and nice just like the houses in Ipswich, looks not very modern, but they do have this nice “retro” style, which they really are, they are probably built a long time ago, and I really love them. It was actually pretty windy on the “Dog beach”, so we left there pretty early because it really just doesn't feel good with the wind blowing, but it’s good to look at all the dogs playing anyway! Haha

We found a parking lot so, of course, we parked there! Ha ha

The Dog Beach!

Very foggy!

So after we left the “Dog beach”, we just drove around the town and see where might be good to go. We found a nice small Public library and thought that it might be nice to go read for a while, and Uncle Paul wants to read some news paper as well, se we went into the library. This library is not like the one in our neighborhood, this one is a lot smaller and looks pretty old, and I also saw a lot of homeless people inside either reading the paper or using the public computer. It seems like homeless is a really big problem in this area. But anyway, they didn't cause any problem at all, so it was kinda nice.

Driving around... we saw this school!

In the library, looks a bit old but it's nice!

After about 20 minutes of reading, we left library and, again, just drove around the town and see where might be interesting to go. Fortunately, we found a street filled with different kinds of stores, so, of course, we just parked there and look around all these stores. I think this might be the main street of the town because this street is especially busy. From all the people on this street, I can easily tell this might be a “cheaper area” in San Diego. Besides all the city buildings, modern houses, I finally saw the “people” side of San Diego. There were so many homeless people sitting on the sidewalk, and there were so many people that has tattoos all over their body, and I saw some people sitting on their vehicle or holding their skateboard drinking, smoking, and chatting with friend loudly in front of a really weird looking building. I guess that building is a bar, and it will be a night club at night, because there are painting all over the building, which looks just like in the movie! You know, there will always be a place where a lot of teenagers fight or do drugs, maybe in LA… that kind of place. I don’t think it will be that bad here in San Diego, be it looks really just like in the movie, at least in the day time! (It’s pretty cool, though)

But all the stores are still very nice, the first store we went into is a old furniture store, they sell all kinds of old, old, old furnitures. I think Uncle Paul really enjoyed looking at them. We then continue walking down the street, and went to a gift shop. Maybe I shouldn't say “gift shop”, because that store is huge, and it sells almost everything, from towels to t shirts, and the prices were pretty good as well. There are some more stores that we went to and they are all very nice, but its hard to describe all of them, so please just take a look of the pictures I took:

The street.

A nice old furniture store.

Very-old mickey mouse.

See that bar right there? Yes, that's the one I'm saying.

Huge t-shirt store.

Another special bar.

In the bar.

The CD store.

The end of the street, it's the beach!

After walking around the stores, we decided to go to the pier just right at the end of the street. Not only the pier, but the beautiful beaches are also located at the end of the street. The view was really beautiful in there, especially on the pier, we could see through all the Point Loma coast, it's just gorgeous. Since the pier is really long (the longest pier in the West coast, and it's T shaped), it takes us about 10 minutes just to walk through half of it. While we were walking, I saw some other homeless people or some "that kind of" teenagers. But I doesn't mean to say anything, I was just surprised how San Diego also have this kind of area, and I fell really just like in the movie being in this area. The good thing is it actually doesn't cause any danger at all, Uncle Paul even talked to one of the homeless guy, he told them that his dog is happy, and the homeless guy replied happily also.

The pier.

Beautiful Point Loma beach!

Under the pier.

On the Pier.

Not too many people, it's really nice.

Looking down from the pier.

Looking down to the other side.

Looking backward from the pier.

the 360 degrees photo.

I really enjoyed looking at the gorgeous view of the Point Loma beaches on the pier. After some walking, we decided to eat in a small restaurant on the pier, because the wind was bowing so hard on the pier that we just really want a "indoor" place to quickly stay in and eat. The restaurant is called Ocean Beach Pier Cafe , the view in the restaurant was really good as well, we can finally sit back and enjoy the beautiful view. Their food was fantastic as well, the only thing I want to complain is that their windows are too dirty!!!

Ocean Beach Pier Cafe

See the view outside? It's gorgeous! Just... the windows were too dirty!

Restaurant on pier, Ocean Beach Pier Cafe.

Their food was good as well!

After having lunch on the pier, we walked back and did some more shopping. There are just too many interesting stores to look at. I remember there was this store that sells movie posters and comics, I am actually really interested in their poster but I end up not buying it because they are not the original one... (Maybe eBay is still the best place to buy posters XD).

The street. Sorry, I didn't take too many pictures...

We then headed back home. On the way home, I saw another night club in that area, it is just like in the video game "Grand Theft Auto V"! It was just really cool to feel like being in movie or video game!

Today was really unforgettable because it's my first time visiting this kind of area! Thanks again, Uncle Paul, for taking me to so many cool places!


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