08 April 2014

Birch Aquarium & La Jolla Cove

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Today was the second day of Spring break, just like yesterday, Uncle Paul took me out to some famous tourist places in San Diego. Before we go, Uncle Paul and me went to a coffee shop to read newspaper, relax and have some drinks. I woke up at 7 o'clock today, just like the normal school day. We first took boys to their school, and then go straight to the coffee shop. The coffee shop we went to is call The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, it is located in 4S common center. There was only one person in the shop by the time we got there, so it was kinda nice. I had a cup of Latte and Uncle Paul had some tea. I felt really relaxed just sitting in the coffee shop and read some internet articles or play games with my iPad, or even to chat with Uncle Paul. We should definitely go there everyday!

(For cover photo) The spectacular view of the shore, the ocean, and the sky. Looking down from the Birch Aquarium.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

After “earning some morning energy” from the coffee shop, we started to head to the La Jolla area at about 9 o'clock without going home. The weather was really nice today, not too hot, not too cold, just perfect. Driving from our neighborhood to La Jolla area takes about 45 minutes, but since the traffic on freeway was not bad at all, we arrived there in just about half an hour. The first place we went in the La Jolla was the Birch Aquarium. It is actually a public outreach center for "Scripps Institution of Oceanography" at UCSD (University of California, San Diego). Since the campus of UCSD is just next to it and we saw lots of signs of UCSD, Uncle Paul told me that I really have to come to University of California to study for college, because they are really great schools. (Of course I will want to, the problem is, will I be able to go in? Ha ha)

Heading to La Jolla!

The UCSD Campus entrance.

I think the Birch Aquarium is located on a hill, so while we were driving into it, we will be able to see the spectacular and  gorgeous view of the ocean, it was just fantastic. Uncle Paul told me that after he moved to Northern California, he always forgot how beautiful the ocean in Southern California are, although he lived here for a really long time. He also said that the weather in Southern California are always perfect, unlike Northern California, it barely rain here. As an exchange student, I only have about 2 more months in San Diego, I felt really sad since I will not be able to stay in this fantastic place after the last two months. I don't think people will ever want to leave after visiting Southern California because it is like paradise here…

The spectacular and  gorgeous view of the ocean we saw while driving into the aquarium.

Really beautiful!

After parking our vehicle and buying tickets, the first thing we saw after going into the Aquarium is the gorgeous view of the La Jolla Shore with the beautiful blue-colored ocean and sky. There are three areas in the Birch Aquarium, namely the Hall of Fishes, the Explores Gallery, and the Tide Pool Plaza. In all three areas, only the Tide Pool Plaza is located outdoor which visitors will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of the shore. The first place we visit was the Hall of Fishes. There are actually lots of different kinds of marine animals in this area, including jellyfishes, seahorses and “Plastic”, not just fishes. (Well, mostly fishes...) Okay, now you're wondering what “Plastic” is, it’s not the new name of a animal specie, it is, literally, Plastic, like, plastic bags. In the Hall of Fishes, there are a small window that we can see “Plastic Bags” floating in the water, the aquarium wants to tell us that how a plastic bag can cause big problem to ocean lifes. I first thought that was a jelly fish…

Parking lot

The entrance!

Beside “Plastics”, they do have lots of different kinds of fishes and marine animals for us to see. There was this huge aquarium in this area that attracted my attention, and there was a huge fish in it as well. It was just awesome. There also have lots of different kinds of jellyfishes and seahorses, It would take forever to describe each, so please take a look of the pictures I took:

Lots of fishes!

Me with lots of fishes. Such amazed. Wow. Haha

Hi, how are you?


Jelly Fish!

Ammm.... so what's this?

This is HUGE!

This one is colorful :)

In the Explores Gallery area, there were lots of interactive stations that kids can play with, and there were also lots of TVs playing videos describing things about the ocean, however, there were not too many “alive” animals to watch, so we came out pretty quickly. We couldn’t wait to go to the Tide Pool Plaza, it is the outside area which has spectacular view of the shore, the ocean, and the sky. The only thing Uncle Paul and me do in that area was sitting back, relax, and enjoy the gorgeous view. (Well, and take pictures...) The view was just soooo good, and because of the really nice weather, we could see the La Jolla cove clearly, and also the whole harbor of La Jolla. Again, it was just awesome. I can literally just sit there forever and never leave!

In the Explores Gallery area.

Uncle Paul and me.

Look at this special looking seahorse!

Tide Pool Plaza

The spectacular view of the shore, the ocean, and the sky! <3

How beautiful!

This was just awesome! You can see the La Jolla cove on the last hand side of this picture.

Very, very pretty.

La Jolla Cove.


Uncle Paul and me!

I know I looks kinda weird Haha

Yes, this is a selfie XD

I saw these signs in the gift shop, however, I didn't buy one...

Another selfie Haha
This is probably the best place to take selfie, isn't it.

After visiting the Birch Aquarium, we started to head to the La Jolla cove which is not too far away from the aquarium. This was my second time visiting La Jolla, my first visit was during Uncle Paul’s very first visit in Christmas. Although this was my second time going there, I was still so excited since it was really beautiful there. Parking in La Jolla is a really big problem, after finding where to park, we end up parking in a parking lot which cost us 15 bucks… everything is expensive in this rich area, La Jolla. The first place we planned to go was the La Jolla cove, but since there are some fine gift shops on the way to the cove, I asked to stop in some of them. There are lots of nice t-shirts and small gifts in the shop, and they are all pretty well-designed, so I love them pretty much. I bought 2 California t-shirts from one of the gift shops, there has “California” state logo on both of the t-shirts, they looks great!

Arrived La Jolla!

Me in front of the lawn on La Jolla cove.

The La Jolla cove is still so pretty today, just like my last visit back in December, 2013, there are always people who know how to enjoy their life sitting on the lawn and either chat with friend or doing nothing just enjoying the great landscape of ocean and cove. I really hope I can do that, too. But unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to do so. Hopefully one day, I will have a chance to study here or even move to here!  There are actually more people surfing or playing on the cove than my last visit, I guess it’s because the weather is warmer now. The water is extremely clear, we can see through it from above the cove! Uncle Paul and me was just sitting on the bench and watching people playing, surfing, diving, and boating, but of course, we enjoyed the gorgeous landscape the most. After few minutes of relaxing, we decided to go down to the actual beach where all the people are playing. The view was even better looking from there! It is really hard to describe how beautiful, how gorgeous the view was, even the pictures I took (shown below) can’t tell how good the view is, you really have to visit here by yourself to see why La Jolla can be one of the “Most Expensive Town To Live In In America”!

Yeah it's me again!

The Beach <3 Oh my gosh that's soooo pretty isn't it!

So beautiful!

Southern California Style. I love it!

Me again!

This weird-colored picture was taken with HTC J instead of iPad. HTC is awesome. Wait, what?

See how clear the water is!

360 degrees picture.

My hair looks weird after taking off my hat.

The beach from another angle. Haha

Again, this was just gorgeous!

We had lunch in a nice small italian restaurant located on the hill called Stella. There were only 2 people when we got there, so it was really quiet and nice. We can see the La Jolla cove from the outside area of this restaurant, it was fantastic. Not only the view, but the service and the food in this restaurant are both really, really nice. I will highly recommend this restaurant. By the way, it was too too expensive as well.

On the way to the restaurant.

Looking out from the restaurant.

Looking out from the restaurant also.

Nice landscape, nice food, nice service. Just perfect!

After lunch, we just kinda look around all the gift shops and stores. Uncle Paul let me to walk around myself, and he would stay in the really nice library to read. Since I have mentioned this library in my last post about La Jolla before, I won’t talk about it again, please go back and see the first La Jolla post if you want to know how nice this library is. There were actually not too many small gift shops there, most of the stores are high-class, department-store-style clothing stores, and that’s not where I want to go. So I quickly walked around, bought a few souvenirs, and went back to find Uncle Paul. The souvenirs I bought were some postcards, and a California-licence-plate-styled sign, it has a words “San Diego” on it, so I thought it would be cool if I can maybe hang that in my room.

In La Jolla.

Driving back home.

So the upper left hand corner one is the one I bought today.

I bought this today.

And this was from Cars Land in Disneyland California Adventure Park. 

This is actually from yesterday. I bought this in a gift shop in Downtown San Diego. In the place where we got on the boat of the boat tour.

From Disneyland as well.

Last pretty picture that I edited. It is as well on my Instagram. Follow @PKGAMMA on Instagram.

So after all the shopping and eating, it was 2 o'clock already, it’s time to get started to head home so Uncle Paul can go pick boys up from school. It was really a great day with Uncle Paul today!


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